What I Learned Yesterday

Yesterday, readers taught me that I shouldn’t enjoy life because

  1. I blog too much
  2. I shouldn’t enjoy soccer
  3. I shouldn’t enjoy the opening of Whole Foods today.

See – I don’t have a TV so I don’t know which things I am not supposed to enjoy. Please tell me what other aspects of life I shouldn’t enjoy.  Thanks in advance.

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40 Responses to What I Learned Yesterday

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Screw the naysayers. Do what makes you happy. Life is too short to worry what imbeciles have to say. 🙂

  2. bernal says:

    Ahem…While I adjust knee pads.
    1. You blog exactly the right amount.
    2. You played soccer so can’t be blamed for liking it.
    3. Whole Foods is an absolute good. The vegetables are perfect, pricey but worth it, salad bar sine qua non, meat and fish…ouch, nice but not that nice.

    I’ll be reading as long as you pump it out and may God hold back the day you say f*** it.

  3. Keep up the Good work. I enjoy the historical newspaper articles showing/proving that climate is cyclical or at least that the media and climate scientists have always been alarmists.

  4. philjourdan says:

    We have a Whole Foods, but it is only in the west end (the snotty side of town), so I have not been there. But I have heard people who go there religiously that its real name is “Whole Paycheck”. I take it, that it is expensive?

    If that is your pleasure, go for it! My philosophy on grocery shopping is the quicker I get out of the store the better.

  5. TJATAW says:

    Enjoy everything, leave nothing on the table when you go into that long night. Life is a great gift that should not be wasted, so don’t.

  6. au1corsair says:

    How about “you shouldn’t watch TV?”

    Oh, you don’t have one. Good. Sometime about half a century ago television news went from information to entertainment. “News” is little more than gossip and rumor writ large–and propaganda.

  7. Scott says:

    Start off by enjoying waking up, the alternative is not good:)

  8. SwittersB says:

    Hmmm? Soccer (your problem) but combine that with the pretentious hipsterized Whole Foods, well that combo does make one wonder. Given your philosophical orientations, I’d say your conflicted hence the over posting.

    Always great posts….your $$$$’s….have fun…it all passes too quickly.

  9. Larry Geiger says:

    1. I really like your blogging. Keep it up.
    2. You poor sad creature 🙂
    3. Who knows? When you have Publix, “Where shopping is a pleasure”, what more do you need?

  10. Ragtag Media says:

    “The Truth”.. You shouldn’t get so comfortable seeking out and telling the truth.
    A lot of people can’t handle it.

  11. darrylb says:

    Congratulations —— on not owning a TV.
    Yeah, sometimes you do have a lot of blogs, but I just simply erase some.

  12. Keitho says:

    I do all the things I’m told not to. Now people have learned not to tell me not to do things and they leave me to enjoy the things I dig. This blog is one of those things I dig.

    TV and organics, meh, not so much. Now for a nice glass of red wine and some music.

  13. Chewer says:

    Life is good, when you can think for yourself 😉
    However, these accounts are a bit troubling:

  14. Dave1billion says:

    4) The re-booted Star Trek movies?

    I’m old and crusty and set in my ways. I’ve intentionally not to watched the rebooted Star Trek movies on the off chance that I might actually enjoy them.

  15. mjc says:

    Think of it as fanfiction…

    Just think of it this way…it’s closer to what you know and are used to than Enterprise was.

  16. tom0mason says:

    If it’s what you like, knock yourself out.
    But please keep on blogging. 🙂

  17. You shouldn’t enjoy riding your bicycle, your begonia, nor your dog…

  18. The Griss says:

    One thing I sure you shouldn’t enjoy half as much as you seem to, is baiting the alarmistas. 🙂

    But please continue. !

  19. In Chicago, for the brief months that I lived there, Whore Foods had the best beer prices in town. I didn’t object.

  20. Truthseeker says:

    1. Blogging is good.
    2. Soccer is good.
    3. Whole Foods is a grocery store. Maybe it is a US thing that having a place selling real food is a rarity. They are everywhere where I come from.
    4. Do want you want. Your happiness is your business.

  21. emsnews says:

    Hey, how about playing foosball instead? 🙂

  22. What would the world be like if no one were eccentric?

    I am really surprised that no one told you that you should not enjoy sex. It is one of the best things in life. I thought the whole point of the radical environmentalists and so-called green energy advocates was to deny human beings pleasure. In some cases they were even advocating the eradication of a good part of the human population either due to so-called over-population or due to their not jumping with wild enthusiasm upon the catastrophic man-made global warming bandwagon with a bunch of Hollywood starlets and special interest politicians.

    Now if only the oil and coal companies actually were paying us to tell the truth, we could be told to give up that income as well.

  23. James the Elder says:

    Some years ago in Myrtle Beach, I played a round of golf with a 72 year young man. He proceeded to take me by 12 strokes. Coming off the 18th green he offered two pearls of wisdom I still carry:
    1: As long as you are playing on this side of the grass, life is good.
    2: No matter how bad you played, 1,300,000,000 Chinese don’t give a shit.
    Enjoy, it’s the only time we go around (as far as we know).

  24. Andy Oz says:

    You should stop using facts, Steve.
    It disrupts the Borg and drives alarmists insane.

    Just kidding.
    I love watching the little sock puppets squirm, repeat all the propaganda, then call on the higher power (obamski) to have you excommunicated.

  25. Chip Bennett says:

    Part of the reason that I’m conservative is that I believe in the right and freedom to live and let live. There are far too many people trying to tell us how to live our lives. (See Thomas Sowell, The Vision of the Anointed.) Keep doing what you’re doing, and enjoy the heck out of your life!

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