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A Simple Solution To Gun Violence

Democrats want to stop Islamic terror via┬ástrict gun control like they have in Paris and San Bernardino. Their goal is to make citizens completely defenseless against psychotic killers. A more realistic approach is to go after the root of the … Continue reading

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NASA Iceland Fraud

The Arctic warmed rapidly from about 1915 until the 1940’s – and glaciers were disappearing. Scientists warned that low-lying countries were going to drown. Same story as today, but without the CO2 superstition. 2 Nov 1922, Page 8 – at … Continue reading

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NASA Sea Level Fraud

NASA shows 3.24 mm/year sea level rise on their web site. They call it “Facts” – when in fact it is blatant fraud. Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level Until early December 2015, NOAA had this web … Continue reading

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Obama 2008 : “I Will Not Take Your Rifle Away”

Must watch ahead of tomorrow’s Obama gun confiscation announcement.

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If You Haven’t Already Done So ..

Join the NRA

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