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Christmas Eve 1955 Was Much Warmer Than 2015 In The US

Christmas Eve 2015 was warm in half of the US, but 60 years earlier the entire US was warm on Christmas Eve. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas all reported temperatures over 90 degrees on December 24, 1955. Joe Bastardi Blasts Claims … Continue reading

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December 1970 – Record Warmth And A Tornado In Wisconsin

2 Dec 1970, Page 1 – at Newspapers.com

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Hottest Year Ever

Government climate experts say that 2015 is the hottest year ever. A couple of sure fire¬†clues for this are the highest Arctic sea ice extent in over a decade, and the coldest January-March on record in the Northeast US. Ocean … Continue reading

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The Great Flood Of 1771

1771 was the year Captain Cook discovered Australia. It was also the year that the 500 year old Tyne Bridge in Newcastle collapsed from a massive flood “twelve feet above high water mark in spring tides” Before the flood After … Continue reading

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