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The Winters Of 1932

The 1932 winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY was nearly ruined by warm weather. There was no snow two weeks before the games started. 12 Feb 1932, Page 2 – at Newspapers.com Later that year, almost the entire country east … Continue reading

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CRU Temperature Fraud

The CRU temperature record run by Phil Jones is fraudulent. The case for this is shown clearly below. In 1922, the US Consul reported a “radical change of climatic conditions in the Arctic” with “unheard of high temperatures.”  “Many old … Continue reading

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Democratic Cities Are A Cesspool Of Violence

The FBI reports that the top 15 murder cities in the country are all Democratic. Note that the center of every circle is a district(s) which voted Democratic in 2014. FBI: Chicago passes New York as murder capital of U.S. … Continue reading

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