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Southern Hemisphere Temperature Fraud

Government climate fraudsters claim that they know Southern Hemisphere temperatures back to 1880, and that they basically match northern hemisphere temperatures. What Gavin forgot to mention is that the southern hemisphere graph is fake. In 1978, scientists agreed data south of 30S … Continue reading

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CRU Fraud – Making The Hiatus Disappear

The Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia used to show the “hiatus” very clearly. Then they talked it over with their fellow fraudsters at NOAA and NASA – and made the hiatus disappear by switching to a … Continue reading

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Gaia Continues To Pummel The Climate Fraud Team

One year ago, scientists announced the demise of Utah skiing. This year they are getting buried in snow, and expecting several feet of snow this week in the mountains.

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Climate Fraudsters Of The Day – The Washington Post

70s around Christmas? It’s looking likely — and it would crush records – The Washington Post The DC area has had temperatures 70 or above on Christmas Day in 1893, 1932, 1933, 1955,  1964 and 1982. It was 80 degrees … Continue reading

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The Vicious Circle Of Climate Fraud

Greenland is cold, and getting colder. They were coerced into cutting off their essential energy supply by criminals like Barack Obama, and they want out. Only a complete moron like Bernie Sanders, Hitlery Clinton, or Martin O’Malley would believe that Greenland’s … Continue reading

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