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Gavin Needs To Transition Out Of Obama Fraud Mode

The next president of the United States has apparently been reading my discussion of data tampering by NASA and NOAA. I have been documenting how NASA, NOAA and CRU are creating a completely fraudulent hockey stick of warming – by cooling … Continue reading

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EPA Continues To Lie About CO2

The EPA continues to push their big CO2 lie Future Climate Change | Climate Change | US EPA Their claims are at best misleading, and most are straight up lies. There has been no change in Northern Hemisphere snow cover … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Growth Continues To Blow Away All Records

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Arctic sea ice growth has been unprecedented this autumn, and extent is far above every other year since at least 2004. This graph from the Danish Meteorological Institute is the best sea … Continue reading

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Global Warming Explained

Paul Ehrlich from Stanford says climate change is a mortal threat. He also said that the oceans would be dead by 1980, and that the US will have food and water rationing by 1980. 6 Oct 1970, Page 3 – … Continue reading

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