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France – Racing To Save The Planet For 25 Years

Twenty-five years ago, the French Prime Minister was racing to save the planet from climate disaster. 7 Nov 1990, Page 13 – at Newspapers.com And twenty-five years later, the French President is racing to save the planet from climate disaster. Future … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Role In Sea Level Rise

Your guilt can’t possibly be more clear.

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Spectacular Sea Level Fraud From The IPCC

Mind-blowing incompetence or fraud from the 2007 IPCC report. www.ipcc.ch/pdf/assessment-report/ar4/wg1/ar4-wg1-chapter5.pdf The IPCC switched measurement systems in 1993 from tide gauges to satellites, declared a huge increase in sea level rise rates, and didn’t consider the possibility that the increase in … Continue reading

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