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No Pause In NASA Climate Science Corruption

Gavin thinks he can massively tamper with data, and no one will notice. He has doubled global warming by simply altering his own data over the past 15 years. 2016: Fig.A.gif          2001: Fig.A.ps He also ignores satellite data … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Of The Same Climate Stupid

Exactly 20 years ago, the East Coast was hit by a huge blizzard similar to what is forecast this weekend. Climate experts immediately blamed it on global warming. 21 Jan 1996, Page 10 – at Newspapers.com Four years later, experts … Continue reading

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This Week’s Glimpse At The Mind-Blowing Stupidity Of Progressives

Wired thinks that a small wave along the Pacific Coast in January is an indication of sea level rise. This Week’s King Tides Give a Glimpse of Sea Level Rise | WIRED There has been little or no sea level … Continue reading

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How Reliable Are Professional Liars?

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