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She Wants To Be President

I went to see the Benghazi movie last night. It was a fantastic action flick and John Krasinski was excellent.  There were 30 CIA personnel under attack, who knew exactly what was happening. Hillary’s claims that intelligence didn’t know it was … Continue reading

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Oceanfront Property In Arizona

In 1981, experts predicted global warming would bring surfing to Arizona by the year 2000. 4 Mar 1981, Page 71 – at Newspapers.com This time they were correct.

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More Than One Way To Skin A Data Tampering Cat

NOAA tampers with US temperatures by actually altering the monthly data. This is because the US data set is robust and does not show any warming over the last century. But with global temperatures they play a different game. Instead of relying … Continue reading

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January 22, 1906

On January 22, 1906 everywhere east of the Mississippi was very warm. while much of the west froze. It was 78 degrees at Uniontown, Pennsylvania and 96 degrees at Franklin, Louisiana that day. Today will be a little bit different.

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Massive Climate Fraud In Pennsylvania

The Union of Concerned Scientists, Penn State University, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection put out a spectacularly fraudulent report in 2012 claiming that hot days are going to become much more common in Pennsylvania. 22 Apr 2012, Page … Continue reading

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120th Anniversary Of The Hottest Day In Australian History

January 21, 1896 New South Wales reached 130 degrees. It was probably the hottest day in Australian history, during their hottest month on record. 12 Feb 1896 – THE HEAT ON MARRA.

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