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Northeast Winters Getting Colder And Snowier

Joe D’Aleo sent these over. Contrary to Katharine Hayhoe’s brainless BS, winters in the Northeast are getting colder and much snowier. This prompted the morons at the New York Times to print the inevitable stupidity.

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More Junk Measurments From DCA

Andy DC has been telling us that temperature readings at Reagan Airport are bogus, and now it turns out that their snow readings are bogus too. Washington, D.C., snowfall total called into question after improper measurement – The Washington Post

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Bush Attacks Republican Frontrunner

18 Jul 1980, Page 4 – at Newspapers.com

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SCIENCE : New York Times Gives Glaciers 100 Year Reprieve

The New York Times says glaciers may disappear from Glacier National Park by the year 2050. This is excellent news because a century ago, scientists said the glaciers may disappear by 1950.                     The … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Vs. Reality

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