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SCIENCE : Arctic To Be Ice Free By 2005, Sea level To Rise 100 Feet

In 1955, America”s top polar scientist said both poles had been melting since 1900, and the Arctic would be ice-free by 2005. 2 Jan 1955, Page 56 – at Newspapers.com

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Street Fishing In Miami

Barack Obama says that imaginary street fishing in Miami is the biggest threat the world has ever faced. In 1938, all we had to deal with was Hitler and hurricanes and floods that killed hundreds of people in New England. … Continue reading

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January 26, 1950 : 146 Degree Spread Across The US

On this day in 1950, half of the country was above 60F and the other half was below 0F. Rio Grande City, Texas was 96 degrees, and Bloomington, Indiana was 78 degrees. Glasgow, Montana was -50F. A spread of 146 degrees … Continue reading

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Science : Lost In Space For 60 Years

Four years before we landed men on the moon, scientists still believed there were canals on Mars. 6 Jun 1965, Page 82 – at Newspapers.com The started this nonsense more than 60 years earlier. 4 Oct 1919, Page 47 – … Continue reading

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The Fraud Couldn’t Be Clearer

2015 was the most fraudulent year on record at the White House. Their claim is utter nonsense. NASA’s surface temperature record shows 1.6C warming since the 1880’s, and 0.8C warming during the century from 1880 to 1980. Fig.A.gif  Their 1981 version … Continue reading

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