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Hayhoe : Northeast Winters Becoming Less Snowy

When Katharine Hayhoe isn’t lying about Texas drought, she is busy lying about snow in the Northeast. The-Changing-Northeast-Climate.pdf Mayors stupid enough to listen to Katharine Hayhoe are likely to end up unemployed. And how is her Texas drought working out? 201512.gif

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Colder Winters Mean More Snow

To anyone with a higher IQ than a turnip, it should be obvious that snow is associated with cold. But Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth apparently don’t. Colder winters in New York tend to have more snow. Warmer winters tend … Continue reading

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A Tough Weekend For Cycling

Fortunately I am in Colorado this weekend, but this is close to my weekend cycling route to Harpers Ferry, WV when I am in Maryland.

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Fraudsters Romm, Mann, Trenberth Go Full Stupid On The Blizzard

I asked two of the country’s top climatologists, Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth, to comment on the role climate change has on this latest superstorm, which is forecast to break records. They claim that heavy precipitation events are increasing due … Continue reading

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Cause Of El Nino Found!

It turns out that NASA data tampering is the cause of El Nino. Nasa say El Niño should start to disappear but global warming could change that 

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