NOAA In Fraud Overdrive Today

NOAA has put the pedal to the metal for US climate fraud today.

This was the first of a series of completely fraudulent tweets they sent out today, claiming that 2015 was the second hottest year on record in the US.


Before data tampering, 2015 was only 15th warmest, with nine of the warmer years coming before 1960. US temperatures have been cyclically cooling for 15 years.


And from there, the NOAA fraud gets much worse. The number of hot days in the US in 2015 was close to a record low, with barely 4% of readings over 95F (35C) – compared to almost 10% in 1936.


NOAA massively alters the data to create a warming trend where there is none.


In 1989, the very same people at NOAA said there was no warming since 1895 in the US.


U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend –

Here is another fraudulent graphic.


NOAA shows New York as 25th warmest year on record last year.  In fact, temperatures were below the 1895-2015 average, and only 63rd warmest since 1895.


Similar story in Vermont


Similar story in Massachusetts


They showed New Jersey as 10th warmest, when in fact they were 37th warmest.


NOAA shows Wisconsin at 10th warmest, when in fact they are 33rd warmest.


The data does not show anything in the least alarming about US temperatures. NOAA reports directly to the White House, and has gone into full climate fraud mode, trying to create concern over a non-problem.

Under Barack Obama NOAA has become a propaganda organization, not a scientific one.

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2 Responses to NOAA In Fraud Overdrive Today

  1. Robert McCready says:

    Live in the Great White North, so maybe not as clued in to US ‘politics’ as I should be, but not exactly unread. Only have one question:

    How on earth do they get away with this?

  2. Keep spreading the message – people must understand that the only reason to believe NOAA’s lies is because they want to believe their lies.

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