Reggie Lives!


I thought Blowtorch Reggie was gone, but he lives on.

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7 Responses to Reggie Lives!

  1. Jim Hunt says:

    It seems Reggie didn’t commit suicide after all. Long live Reggie!

    He’s been very nice to Snow White recently. She hasn’t an unkind word to say about him.

    • Gator says:

      LOL!!! You would be proud to have such a criminal sh*thead as a fan!

      Thanks to the Chico Police Department and officer Jim Parrott, I learned today that we were able to shut down a person living in Windsor Ontario who has been serially harassing me and threatening me and my family for over a year. He was doing this because of my views on “climate change” and my website:

      Officer Parrott reached out to the Windsor Police Department (Constable Strong in the WPD Major Crimes Unit) and provided him all the research I’d gathered (including setting up an Internet “honeypot” to trap him) and today we get word back that the suspect has been identified, and has had police officers show up at his front door.

      This particularly malicious troll is one of the “Arctic sea ice zealots” that inhabit Jim Hunt’s “Great White Con” website on sea ice. Both Jim and this troll were long ago banned from WUWT for serially bad behavior breaking our commenting policy multiple times, but this one troll couldn’t let it go. He escalated, and continued to do so.

      Criminal frauds of a feather, hate poor brown people together!

  2. Mac says:

    Wait, it’s “pseudoscience” to point out with undeniable proof that NASA and NOAA are fudging their data, and committing fraud?

    Left-wing people sure are wacky.

  3. Lance says:

    I wonder a bit if everyone understands clearly that Reginald Perrin is a spoof character in a UK SitCom starring Leonard Rossiter, “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”, “A bored, middle-aged executive fakes his death and starts a new life.”. Among his famous quotations are:

    “I didn’t get where I am today by telling the truth.”
    “I didn’t get where I am today by knowing the difference between one country and another.”
    “I didn’t get where I am today by serving Welsh people.”

    I would suppose that any person taking Reginald Perrin as his “nom de plume”, is bit cracked as well. See:

  4. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Reggie Reggie… Reggie Reggie….

    Come on Reggie. Give us all a laugh again.


  5. Reginald Perrin says:

    Reggie is about to embark on his fourth final farewell tour…

    …so long and thanks for all the fish…

    …especially the blowtorch which was the perfect metaphor for this winter in the Arctic

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