SCIENCE 1919 : The Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

In 1919, the world had just about run out of fossil fuels. But scientists came to the rescue with the ultimate renewable energy source.

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4 Oct 1919, Page 47 – at

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3 Responses to SCIENCE 1919 : The Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

  1. Scott Scarborough says:

    If that worked, wouldn’t it slow the earth down? Eventually to a stop?

    • Jack Striker says:

      Rather than the mechanical energy of Earth’s rotation, the article discusses tapping the magnetosphere.

      We couldn’t slow Earth appreciably ourselves, but I’m not so sure we couldn’t do more damage by diminishing the magnetosphere. Thing’s huge though, so it would take a ludicrous amount of energy even for that.

  2. Password protected says:

    Progressives are slowing the world down.

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