The NOAA Temperature Record Is A Complete Fraud

NOAA has no idea what historical temperatures are. In 1900, almost all of their global min/max temperature data was from the US.

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Their only good data, the US temperature data, is then massively altered to cool the past.


But their fraud is even worse than it seems. Since the 1970s, they have been losing station data at a phenomenal rate.

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NOAA have continued to lose data, and now have fewer stations than they did 100 years ago.

As was clear in Figure 1-1 above, the GHCN sample size was falling rapidly by the 1990s. Surprisingly, the decline in GHCN sampling has continued since then. Figure 1-3 shows the total numbers of GHCN weather station records by year. Notice that the drop not only continued after 1989 but became precipitous in 2005. The second and third panels show, respectively, the northern and southern hemispheres, confirming that the station loss has been global. The sample size has fallen by about 75% from its peak in the early 1970s, and is now smaller than at any time since 1919. As of the present the GHCN samples fewer temperature records than it did at the end of WWI.


This is why their data keeps changing. They are losing the rural stations which show less warming, causing the urban stations to be weighted more heavily.  Thus the 100% fraudulent blade of the hockey stick.



2016: Fig.A.gif          2001:

And then these slimeballs have the audacity to attack satellite temperatures, which cover nearly the entire earth.

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6 Responses to The NOAA Temperature Record Is A Complete Fraud

  1. CheshireRed says:

    The whole point of the satellite data was that it gave the most extensive coverage across almost the entire globe, rather than relying on sparse land-based data. It was a huge leap forward. Only problem is it’s proved to be too accurate in the wrong direction and is most definitely not ‘on message’.
    Now it’s like a spy that knows too much and has to be got rid of.

  2. James D Windham says:

    UN Organized Crime is being lead by Godfather Obama. He pays out American slush fund billions in grants, and now he calls on the bribed Data Reporters for a favor.

  3. Gavin Schmidt and Reto Ruedy are having an AMA right now, I would love to see you mix ti up with them.

  4. Jack Striker says:

    Mr. Heller, you’ve often said that the US data is the only reliable stuff. Did you ever explain why, either on this site or your previous one?

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