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Climate Experts Are Idiots

Climate experts say the Arctic is ice-free. They also say the non-existent ice is melting rapidly. These people are incompetent buffoons who spread fear in exchange for money. North Pole already ice-free in 2000 Ages-Old Icecap at North Pole Is Now … Continue reading

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Plummeting May Temperatures In Virginia

Woodstock, Virginia is having their coldest May in over 90 years, with afternoon temperatures averaging about 7°C below normal. Every day this month has been cooler than the same date in 1944, and the month has averaged about 12°C cooler … Continue reading

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Something Rotten In Denmark

The Danish Meteorological Institute shows Arctic sea ice extent much lower than last year. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut However, their maps show that there is more ice than last year. There is more ice in the … Continue reading

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Our Next Cold One

Bill Gray’s children held a wonderful memorial service for him yesterday in Fort Collins. Bill was giant, literally and figuratively. He pioneered hurricane forecasting, and his theories of thermohaline driven ocean circulation were the most coherent explanations of climate change I’ve … Continue reading

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