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Global Cooling in 1998

The lower troposphere is still warm from the El Nino. But not as warm as it was in April 1998, when CO2 was much lower. From April to November 1998, troposphere temperatures plummeted, as seen in this animation. It appears … Continue reading

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More NASA Iceland Fraud

In 1974, the CIA reported an unprecedented spike in Iceland temperatures around 1940, followed by a rapid cooling. potentialtrends.pdf This didn’t suit Obama White House political requirements, so NOAA and NASA altered the data a few years ago to make … Continue reading

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TOBS Adjustment Is Garbage

The USHCN Time Of Observation BIAS (TOBS) adjustment is based on the idea that thermometers reset in the afternoon tend to double count hot days and thus produce a warm bias. For example, Warrenton, MO reset their thermometer at 5PM … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Being Blown Off Shore

Alarmists are currently hysterical about ice melting in the Beaufort Sea. Only problem is that it isn’t melting. A high pressure system created winds which blew the ice offshore – but facts don’t matter to alarmists. The satellite animation shows … Continue reading

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Climate Science – The FUBAR Religion

In 2005, our crack scientists Hillary and John announced that the North Pole will be ice-free by the end of the century “for the first time in more than a million years.” 20 Sep 2005, Page 8 – Indiana Gazette This … Continue reading

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81% Of Forecasting Methods Predicted Global Cooling In 1974

In 1974, 22 out of 27 forecasting methods predicted global cooling through the rest of the century. potentialtrends.pdf

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