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Moving To Antarctica

Climate experts say that we will all have to move to Antarctica, where it is currently -102F. Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph

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Settled Science

Pollsters say today that Clinton leads Trump and is rapidly gaining, and that Trump leads Clinton and is rapidly gaining.

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Repeat Climate Fraudster Of The Day – Paul Beckwith

Paul Beckwith of the University of Ottawa declared the Arctic ice-free in 2013. Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013 | Sierra Club Canada Now he is back declaring a “global climate emergency” because the “jet stream crossed the equator.” … Continue reading

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NOAA Didn’t Know, And James Hansen Is A Fraud

In 1989, NASA’s James Hansen was predicting 4-9 degrees of warming by 2050. NOAA pointed out this was nonsense,  that all global warming had occurred before 1921, and that Earth had cooled since 1921 – as CO2 increased. 7 Dec 1989, Page … Continue reading

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No, It Is Never Safe For Morons To Have Kids

Letters: With global warming, is it safe to have kids?

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Climate Fraud Threatens Science Population

This afternoon’s top climate fraud is a claim that warming temperatures and disappearing sea ice threatens penguins. Global warming threatens penguin population | Had the author actually done any research, she would have known that Antarctic sea ice is … Continue reading

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Exxon Didn’t Know, And Neither Did Anyone Else

One of many big lies being pushed by climate alarmists is that Exxon knew in the 1960’s and 1970’s that they were melting the world. This is total nonsense, because climatologists didn’t believe it. 12 Mar 1978, Page 140 – … Continue reading

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Arizona Historic Heatwave Fraud

Two weeks ago, experts announced an historic heatwave in Arizona. They said that “Lying About Science For Politics Is Evil” – which is exactly what they are doing. In fact, June has been just about average and much cooler than 1896. The … Continue reading

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Another Growing Glacier In Northern Greenland

There are three large glaciers which flow to the sea in Northwest Greenland. This one is growing. Another one, the Petermann Glacier, is also growing, The third one has been too cloudy to get a good look at yet.

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Daily Fraud Update From NSIDC

Earlier this year I caught NSIDC making huge areas of five year old ice disappear overnight. They are back for more, claiming that Nuuk, Greenland hit 75 degrees in June. Greenland Ice Sheet Today | Surface Melt Data presented by … Continue reading

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