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UN : Global Warming To Make Stonehenge Tip Over

The world’s top scientists say that global warming will cause moles to tip Stonehenge over. Stonehenge under threat from moles | IOL We used to have “Month Python’s Flying Circus” – but since its demise it has been replaced by … Continue reading

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Living On The Road …

Living on the road my friend, was gonna keep you free and clean. Now you wear your skin like iron – breath’s as hard as kerosene. Townes Van Zandt My big oil/big tobacco denier paycheck didn’t come through again, so … Continue reading

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Arctic Non-Melt Continues

OSISAF maps show almost no change in Arctic sea ice over the past week. This is not very surprising, because temperatures are below the freezing point of water over the ice pack. DMI graphs are finally starting to show the … Continue reading

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“If They Had Confidence They Would Issue One Year Forecasts”

Bill Gray unmasks the global warming scam, and the global warming scamsters. Watch this if you want to understand how the climate actually works.

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