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Smartest President In Modern History

The news just keeps getting better and better. Donald Trump Thinks Global Warming Is “Bullshit” | Mother Jones

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Cooling The Past Is The Foundation Of This Scam

The Arctic was warmer in the 1930’s and 1940’s than it is now, and unlike now – glaciers were melting very quickly. February 18. 1952 Dr. William S. Carlson, an Arctic expert, said last night that polar ice caps were … Continue reading

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Charles Butler Interview – May 4, 2016

Charles Butler interviewed me this morning on his Chicago radio talk show, about the movie Climate Hustle. My section begins about 28:20.

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1973 : Earth Cooling – Return Of Ice Age Feared

In 1973 the National Science Foundation, NOAA, Columbia University, and many other institutions were pushing global cooling, a new ice age, and most frightening – armadillos migrating south. 14 Apr 1973, Page 15 – Iowa City Press-Citizen at Newspapers.com

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Recycling The Same Scams Via Data Tampering

Seventy years ago (when Bernie Sanders political ideas were formulated) scientists reported ten degrees Arctic warming, and that earth was going to drown. They wanted money to study the “serious” problem. ARCTIC CLIMATE’S ALARMING CHANGE  May 30, 1947 if the Antarctic ice … Continue reading

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Thirty Years Of Global Warming Nuttiness In Rhode Island And Washington DC

The global warming scam reached its tipping point 30 years ago, when Rhode Island senator John Chafee held a hearing predicting 1C temperature rise over the past decade. Sen. John Chafee [R., R.l.], chairman of the Senate Environment Subcommittee on … Continue reading

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Trump’s Position On Global Warming

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