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DMI Arctic Data Death Spiral

DMI shows Arctic sea ice extent rapidly declining, and far below last year. But their maps show essentially no change over the last three days. And DMI maps show that there is slightly more ice than last year.    

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Scientists Are Melting Down – Not The Polar Ice Caps

In 1989, NASA scientists rejected most of Hansen’s 1988 Congressional  lies – and announced that Greenland and Antarctica were gaining ice and that sea level rise was not accelerating.    25 Dec 1989, Page 84 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch at Newspapers.com Again, in 2004, … Continue reading

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More Hysterics From the Usual Fraudsters

A few weeks ago, experts announced that the Greenland ice sheet was melting and that we were all going to die. Greenland ice sheet melting has started early What is actually going on is normal melt and above normal ice … Continue reading

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