Atmospheric CO2 Has Skyrocketed Since Obama’s Paris Accord

When Obama signed his historic illegal “climate” treaty in December, he announced that he had saved the planet from CO2. But actual data shows that atmospheric CO2 has skyrocketed to record levels since then.


ESRL Global Monitoring Division – Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network

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11 Responses to Atmospheric CO2 Has Skyrocketed Since Obama’s Paris Accord

  1. michael hart says:

    The lawn is going to need mowing more often. Don’t get me started on the nettles and blackberry bushes.

    And those damn trees and fields of wheat are just running wild, growing food, showing no respect at all for human beings. Rampant growth and life. It’s a disgrace. Why doesn’t Obama do something about it?

  2. Andy DC says:

    We are doomed!

  3. AndyG55 says:

    “Why doesn’t Obama do something about it?”

    He’s producing enough hot air all on his own..

    … and the likes of Di Caprio, Al Gore etc and the other climate worriers are all doing far more than their fair share of carbon dioxide production.

    We should thank them for feeding the world.

  4. Mojomojo Eyesprize says:

    Wild guess from a non climate neophyte.Oceans responding to El Nino heat by releasing CO2.Theres a bump in 1998 as well.

    • Steve Case says:

      Nice observation.

    • Jimmy Haigh says:

      My first ever comment on a climate blog back around 2007 or so was this: “How are they sure that the increase in CO2 isn’t just a response to rising temperatures leading up to the MWP? I was amazed at the vitriol and hate in the replies. The blog was “Real Climate”. That was my first experience of Mad Dhog Dhogaza.

      • Jason Calley says:

        That response of extreme hate from the CAGW fanatics is a big clue that they are holding a position for emotional (and not logical or scientific) reasons. When you challenge their belief in CAGW they do not see it as a chance for rational debate; they see it as a personal attack and respond as if they have been insulted.

  5. Eliza says:

    OT but looks like Trump was 100% literally correct: “Blown out of sky”, 100%

    • Gail Combs says:

      Another O/T of interest.

      Dr. Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math from NC State University (1968). Dr. Warner uses his training in scientific theory and mathematics to analyze Islamic doctrine. He has been reading old books on history/Islam and translating large thick books into something ordinary people can read.

      I ran across this video of his that is a real eye opener. In his vid he mentions there has been a lot more information obtained recently that wipes out what we were taught in school. (Most of the history taught is out right propaganda as far as I am concerned.)

      Do not forget Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary pirates. As dhimmis (non-muslims) the English kings paid jizyah or tribute to the Muslims for use of the sea. When the USA broke free of England the Muslims (Barbary pirates) demanded jizyah or tribute from the USA. Jefferson sent the marines instead.

      One of the things Dr Warner does not mention is the slaving raids to England. climatereason over at ChiefIO does.

      ….Giles Miltons book ‘White Gold’ provides an intriguing account of the North African white slave trade during this period. It includes a description of an attack on a Cornish fishing village by a fleet of Islamic corsairs. The warriors, wielding scimitars, stream into the cobbled streets and force their way into cottages, taverns and churches to seize the villagers and carry them off to the Moroccan port of Salé to be sold as slaves. This abiding folk memory was so deeply ingrained that even my mother’s generation (born 1920) still feared the white slavers that were a byword for terrible cruelty….

      Centre of the white slave trade was North Africa, particularly Morocco and present day Algeria. It is reckoned that some 1.5 million white slaves were taken from towns, villages and vessels throughout Europe. To the left of the port in the first panoramic photo is Bitton House-formerly the home of Admiral Lord Pellew- who in a stroke of delicious irony avenged the capture of his own ancestor who had been seized 100 years earlier from a Cornish village and kept as a slave by the Barbary pirates for decades. Admiral Pellew comprehensively destroyed the pirates in Algiers in August 1816 and liberated up to 20,000 Christian slaves taken from all over Europe, from Iceland in the North, to Spain in the south, with many of Pellew’s countrymen amongst them. It was a close run thing with the outcome of the battle in the balance until superior cannon eventually destroyed Algiers-to this day reproductions of the cannon used can be seen in the grounds of Bitton House….

      I add this because it goes towards validating what Dr Warner says in his video. Of interest to us is that Islam DOES NOT believe in cause and effect! (Around minutes 33-35)

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