Escape The Heat At Your Local Movie Theater



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  1. Stewart Pid says:

    . Pissing in the Snow

    Told by Frank Hembree, Galena, Mo., April, 1945. He heard it in the late 1890’s. J.L. Russell, Harrison, Ark., spun me the same yarn in 1950; he says it was told near Green Forest, Ark., about 1885.
    One time there was two farmers that lived out on the road to Carico. They was always good friends, and Bill’s oldest boy had been a-sparking one of Sam’s daughters. Everything was going fine till the morning they met down by the creek, and Sam was pretty goddam mad. “Bill,” says he, “from now on I don’t want that boy of yours to set foot on my place.”
    “Why, what’s he done?” asked the boy’s daddy.

    “He pissed in the snow, that’s what he done, right in front of my house!”

    But surely, there ain’t no great harm in that,” Bill says.

    “No harm!” hollered Sam. “Hell’s fire, he pissed so it spelled Lucy’s name, right there in the snow!”

    “The boy shouldn’t have done that,” says Bill. “But I don’t see nothing so terrible bad about it.”

    “Well, by God, I do!” yelled Sam. “There was two sets of tracks! And besides, don’t you think I know my own daughter’s handwriting?”

  2. Scott Scarborough says:

    Local to me is a 200 mile round trip. I guess I have to wait for the DVD.

  3. Gary Palmgren says:

    I just got back from the film and about half the discussion session. It was sold out, I only got in because of a last minute cancellation. (Just east of St. Paul, MN)

    The producers must read this site as they followed the general theme of looking at current alarmists claims and compared it to the direct opposite claims from past decades.

  4. Brad says:

    Watched the Documentary. I appreciate your input. I believe just your work alone is worth a documentary.

    Anyway, it seemed the audience was attentive. But I hope it was not preaching to the choir. Maybe some of the folks in there didn’t quite know what to expect and walked away not believing the CAGW. I hope supporting the flic will result in more theaters taking it on. The one in Allen, TX was just about sold out.

  5. Travis Casey says:

    Good job in the movie, Tony.

  6. LexingtonGreen says:

    Tony, did you consult for this? I hate to say it but is was bad. The whole time watching I was thinking they should have had you consult. It was no way up to the great then and now that you provide us on a daily basis.

  7. Ken Barber says:


    They didn’t give you much screen time but I enjoyed the few seconds that you had. I especially liked your attitude!

  8. Steve Case says:

    Sold out! It was originally scheduled for a smaller theater, and it was moved to accommodate the demand. It will be interesting to see how thoroughly the news media ignores the event.

    But I was disappointed, probably because I’d already seen most of the clips used. Where was Dr. John Holdren talking about waviness and Global Warming causing more of this pattern of extreme cold? Speaking of patterns, the pattern of altering the Argo float data, the sea level data, the RSS data, the GISS data, the sea surface data and the “Hide the Decline” You Tube featuring Dr. Michael Mann was missing. They did show the “Ten Ten No Pressure” exploding school children You Tube, but really didn’t explain what it was.

    About half the audience walked out of the panel discussion at the end. I stuck it out, but Sarah Palin was definitely out of her comfort zone.

  9. It was great. Should have included more of the science, less of the politics, and none of Sarah Palin.

  10. jst1 says:

    Why would anyone think that Sarah Palin would add value to this film?

  11. Sunsettommy says:

    It was half full,but they STAYED in their seats the whole time which is unusual. They laughed at times too.

    It was a good movie for the mass audience,but sparse at times in hard data which I hope is addressed in the DVD version. It would be a good idea to put in some hard science based annotations in it,or better basic science presentation on some points that matters the most.

    A few people started leaving part way through the after the movie panel discussion,I was disappointed to see Palin be there when they could have had a Female scientist in her chair instead.

  12. Russell Cook says:

    Sold out where I am, and fortunately only a 5 minute drive. Tony’s contribution was great, and one other thing that should be hammered relentlessly is the vintage footage of of all the TV alarmism about global cooling. That was one of the main reasons why I had doubt from the start on the out-of-the-blue concern about global warming.

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