Guardian : We Passed The Tipping Point In 1982

The Guardian says that we ran out of time to stop global warming in 1982.

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My father warned Exxon about climate change in the 1970s. They didn’t listen | Claudia Black-Kalinsky | Opinion | The Guardian

Global warming was so bad in 1977 – that by 1978 experts said that there “was no end in sight to 30-year cooling trend”



No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend

The next graph shows the disastrous consequences of Exxon ignoring Dr. Black’s highly informed speculation.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (3)

Did you survive the 1982 global warming apocalypse?

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14 Responses to Guardian : We Passed The Tipping Point In 1982

  1. Dave says:

    I am still patiently waiting for the long long long long overdue day when the man made “climate change” really starts to begin.
    I heard it again today from someone. “all these bloody stupid people have been warned and when climate change really kicks in they’ll be to late the idiots”.
    I’m still waiting for the catastrophe, its just around the corner you know.

  2. Jimmy Haigh says:

    The Exxon team, led by a chap called Peter Vail, did a lot of work in the 80’s on global sea level changes during geological time. It all ended as a the geological discipline called “Sequence Stratigraphy”. They got the idea of synchronous (dated biostratigraphically to very tight zones) sea level “maximum flooding surfaces”. I think the one which nailed it for them was the Middle Miocene (the ‘globorotalia fohsi’ zone) which they identified in South East Asia and South America.

  3. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Here’s the Wikipedia page on Sequence Stratigraphy. There’s a nice sea level curve in there.

  4. AndyG55 says:

    One idiotic moron on that thread said….(talking about Exxon)

    “How can you make a choice to buy their product when they have a monopoly?”

    Mate, you can ALWAYS make a choice to buy a product.

    But you WANT that product… don’t you.

    • Marty says:

      This gets to the core of the hypocrisy.

      The Guardian in it’s cognitive dissonance solicited an article explaining why using fossil fuels while bitching about fossil fuels is “not hypocrisy”.

      Also, on their comments sections in climate articles, they have a moderator who is the main protagonist on the comments, and he deletes any replies that debunk his claims, called Rockyrex, so all your arguments that defeat his rubbish are deleted.
      He can make 5 posts before my reply to his first even shows up (if it shows up at all) showing Guardian pets are not pre moderated because they are actually moderators.

      Guardian also sanitise comments sections of inconvenient data after they close the comments, this I proved with the FT McMurry fire, I posted quotes from the Forestry experts to refute Lukas article claims, when I went back after the comments were closed, every single citation of those quotes and the actual links were deleted from the comments, every one, from everyone who posted them.

    • Marty says:

      Also a classic of hypocrites.

      You cite a 2006 study, and they say “oh but science has moved on” then they cite a paper from 1896 to refute a 2010 study.

      One just has to cringe

  5. Bleakhouses says:

    Really. Really.

    They’ve resorted to publishing speculative hearsay of a dead person.
    Are they kidding?

  6. AndrewS says:

    Apparently, no one informed Dr. Black that we are still very much in an ice-age albeit in an interstadial. When the Earth is finally ice free and we are done with the current ice-age, then we can talk about tipping points. Even so, Earth has never, and likely will never, suffer from runaway warming. Alarmism thrives on speculative hearsay.

  7. Don says:

    It seems that the Alarmists have not advanced much from the level mentioned in the memo: “Models which predict the climatic effects of a CO2 increase are in a primitive stage of development. The atmosphere is a very complicated system, particularly on a global- scale. In existing modelsimportant interactions are neglected, either because they are not completely understood or because their proper mathematical treatment is too cumbersome.”

  8. Billy Liar says:

    Well, since oil was going to run out by the year 2000 there wasn’t much to worry about anyway.

  9. Andy DC says:

    It was hard for the scam to gain much traction between 1977 and 1985 when repeated devastating freezes wiped out the citrus industry north of Tampa and Orlando. So much so that Citrus Country no longer produced any citrus!

    • Marty says:

      Amnesia and revisionism are key to political reshaping of science.

      So as a result what you say “never happened” :D

  10. chris moffatt says:

    Is there anywhere a list of the advocacy organizations Exxon has actually given all these alleged millions of dollars to? Over the years all I’ve found is that the skeptics are funded by themselves while it’s big green that gets the millions from Exxon and other “fossil fuel” companies.

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