Image Processing For Good

I frequently use overlays like the one below, showing how NASA has successively altered global temperature data to make the 1940’s warmth and the 1940s-1970’s global cooling disappear.


1974: NCAR  1981: Hansen_etal_1.pdf    2001:     Current: Fig.A.gif

However, when I start, the overlay is not very readable and I do a lot of image processing (chroma keying and color correction) – to make the image more intelligible.


The animation below shows before and after.


I do this using proprietary software I wrote about 10 years ago for a startup I founded in London. I’m thinking about making a simpler version for public release.

Speaking of which, I had just left London on the Underground on July 21, 2005 – when the Religion of Peace did this:


This was two weeks after the July 7 “Rivers of Blood” bombings.

3500 (1)

This week London elected an Islamic mayor, and now they have “glory be to Allah” written on London buses.


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4 Responses to Image Processing For Good

  1. Bill_W says:


    Had you seen this yet? Off-topic, but very interesting.
    Richard Muller has six categories of Climate Change thinkers.

    He has himself as a luke-warmer with 3 of the classifications as
    more alarmist than he is.

  2. Eliza says:

    This is beyond a joke these people at NASA ect need to be arrested for criminal activities

  3. Jonathan P says:

    Richard Dawkins’ religion of unbelief did some red bus advertising a few years ago, too… Meanwhile, this past November an ad featuring the Lord’s Prayer was banned from cinemas because it might have offended some people. So the takeaway for the Brits is this: As long as it’s not Christian, then it’s cool. :/

  4. Andy DC says:

    How do you prove or disprove there is a God? If someone wants to waste money with that kind of nonsense, who cares?

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