Off To Land Of Bernie

I’m going to be working this summer in Burlington, Vermont – where Bernie launched his war on prosperity 35 years ago.


7 Apr 1981, Page 10A – Florida Today at

It only took the self-proclaimed radical five months in office to get the city to turn against him. Being mayor was his “first real job in years” and he was used to living unemployed without plumbing or electricity, and not being able to pay the rent.


, Page 65 – Herald and Review at

Now this genius wants to take away your plumbing and electricity too, to solve an imaginary climate crisis.

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Bernie wants to return the climate to the low CO2 days of 80 years ago.


, Page 1 – Carroll Daily Herald at

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10 Responses to Off To Land Of Bernie

  1. Robertv says:

    Who needs terrorist if you have Bernie (or Hillary or Obambi)

  2. LOL in Oregon says:

    Bernie is absolutely right:
    ….”belief in AGW is the cause of eco-religious terrorism!”
    This is a most religious age we live in: ISIS, eco-religion, etc
    …repent and be saved, sinner,
    ……you don’t need no stinkin lectricity! Fuel poverty is good for YOU.

    Now, lets lock up DDT and put up bird-slicers to kill the Bald Eagles
    ….and the surplus human population.

  3. bobmaginnis says:

    You say “Now this genius wants to take away your plumbing and electricity too, to solve an imaginary climate crisis,” but you only hurt your own credibility with that statement. Just because he lived without 35+ years ago doesn’t mean he want to deprive you or he now.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      I know you mean well, Bob, but you are not making sense, most likely because you didn’t think trough the CO2CAGW hypothesis and its implications.

      If our civilization’s CO2 emissions cause global warming through the heating of the troposphere then of course using plumbing and electricity is a major part of the problem. Bernie says it’s a real planetary crisis and we must address it. He understands that rational people would you rather have a planet without plumbing than plumbing without a planet.

      You need to start thinking clearly and stop beating around the bush. The American people earned the right to be told the truth. It is condescending to treat them like they can’t handle it.

    • tonyheller says:

      Bernie wants to shut down fossil fuels. What part of that is difficult to understand?

  4. Mojomojo Eyesprize says:

    Im the guy who suggested that you abstain from political rants on your website.
    Im a left Democrat whos trying to convince other Dems that the AGW position is BS.
    You are the only reference website that shows data tampering .Unfortunately you are dismissed by Dems because you infuse right wing politics .Do you aspire to be ineffectual ? Of course not.Make another website for your right wing digs,otherwise no Dems will ever take your science seriously.
    Moronos movie is instantly dismissed by 100% of Dems just because Sarah Palins name is mentioned.No Dem will ever watch it.You are dealing with severely brainwashed people here.
    At least you could do is to place your scientific conclusions on a reputable website that is apolitical .This fight needs solid reference material which cant be instantly tainted by strawman arguments.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      I feel your pain, Mojo. I am a right libertarian and I’ve been also trying to convince Dems that the AGW position is BS (I live in Boulder and the few Republicans I know don’t need convincing).

      I’ve found that the Dems I know won’t look at anything skeptical and it makes no difference if the source is “tainted” or not. It doesn’t matter that they know me and my credentials, that they trust me with other things.

      It only solidified my conviction that the whole thing is political, but deeper than just in an unscrupulous and opportunistic way. It’s more like their minds are already conditioned to want to believe certain things. I still don’t know if it’s some kind of Leftist psychological determinism or if they are simply brainwashed as you say, and I’ve been trying to figure these things out for over 45 years.

      Maybe you should start a reputable website with solid socialist credentials*), reblog only Tony’s AGW posts and see what happens?

      I wonder, is my experience with Boulder Progressives an outlier? Do you know other Left Democrats who don’t believe this AGW bullshit?

      *) I am not suggesting that I think it would work. The pamphlet publishing attempt of the idealist National Socialist Hans Miklas in István Szabó’s Mephisto comes to mind.

    • It must be terrible that an unemployed grifter who swears by a failed political theory is your only option to a lying racist warmonger who decimated the back community in the 1990s. I guess that’s not as bad as aNew York Democrat or a Mormon, though, so there’s that.

  5. It is startling to see that Bernie Sanders has lived through more than 35 years without learning a single thing about how the World works. He still thinks that people will enjoy having no electricity and perhaps also no plumbing. How disconnected to reality can you get?

  6. Vermont has been a haven for ex hippies for many years, that’s why Bernie got elected. Go easy on them, their brains are damaged from drugs, but they are nice people. Brain damaged, but nice.

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