SCIENCE : Arctic To Be Ice-Free By 1978





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  1. Steve Case says:

    The link says:

    Request has expired



  2. DennisA says:

    You can get to the pdf from here, You can go back to the start page or download the pdf from the link at the top of each page.

    Tony’s excerpt is on p 8, but the whole article has more gems:

    “….at a certain time the ocean suddenly changed from cold to warm. The pink sediment contained shells of minute warm-water animals; the gray sediment, cold-water animals.”

    Back at Lamont, measurement of radiocarbon showed that this sudden warming took place throughout the length and breadth of the vast Atlantic Ocean — 11,000 years ago. The cores showed virtually no change in temperature for 90,000 years — except for this one sudden increase. Donn, Lamont’s meteorological expert, was as mystified as Ewing.

    “What happened 11,000 years ago to heat the ocean?” they kept asking themselves at odd moments over the next year or so. “What could change the climate of the whole ocean so abruptly?”

    I don’t know how he finds all this gold!

  3. DennisA says:

    You can even get the pdf from here:

    Title: “The Coming Ice Age”

  4. RAH says:

    Somewhat OT.

    The sunspot count for cycle 24 has now dived well below all projections and appears to be on the way to being the lowest since accurate counts began in the 1750s.

    Of course the fluctuations of solar activity have little to do with our climate in the short term. However in the longer term over decades it certainly does.

  5. mikegeo says:

    I see the author is Betty Friedan – the original feminist. All the discussion about things glacial must have got her thinking.

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