Thirty Years Of Global Warming Nuttiness In Rhode Island And Washington DC


The global warming scam reached its tipping point 30 years ago, when Rhode Island senator John Chafee held a hearing predicting 1C temperature rise over the past decade.

Sen. John Chafee [R., R.l.], chairman of the Senate Environment Subcommittee on Pollution, called on the U.S. to act internationally before these problems “irreversibly alter the ability of our atmosphere to perform basic life- functions.”

The scientists predicted the first strong greenhouse effects will be in the next decade when temperatures may rise an average of 1 degree Centigrade, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

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June 11, 1986 – Scientists predict catastrophes in growing global heat wave 

Temperatures didn’t rise at all over the next decade. The forecast was a complete fail.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Rhode Island’s hottest summer was in 1983, and heatwaves have been on the decline since, with no long term trend.


There has been no change in Rhode Island precipitation.


Chaffe was replaced by even nuttier Senator Whitehouse, who wants to jail anyone who doesn’t share his apocalyptic view of the world. He wants to return CO2 levels to what they were in 1938, when Providence was underwater.


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