More Climate Fraud From The United Nations And UCS

The United Nations says that the Statue of Liberty is threatened by sea level rise, and that the storm surge from Sandy was unprecedented.



There has been no sea level rise at the Statue of Liberty for almost a decade.


Sea Level Trends – State Selection

Sea level rise rates at Manhattan peaked in 1950, when CO2 was 315 PPM. There is not the slightest indication that humans have any control over sea level rise rates in Manhattan.

8518750 (3)

Sea Level Trends – Variation of 50-year Mean Sea Level Trends

But their claims about sea level are the least of their fraud. The 1821 hurricane that hit New York was much larger, but unlike Sandy came in at low tide. Had it hit at high tide like Sandy, it would have wiped out the city.


1821 hurricane trumps Sandy, would have cost $100B

A storm surge similar to the Hurricane of 1821 — or, meteorologically, one with similar initial conditions and track — would devastate the area to a further extent than Hurricane Sandy. Lower Manhattan would be completely underwater — most of the Jersey Shore would be as well.And the winds would cause immeasurable damage to infrastructure and property.

What if the 1821 Long Island Hurricane happened today? – New York Metro Weather

The 1938 hurricane was also much larger, but made landfall slightly east of the city.

The hurricane produced storm tides of 14 to 18 feet across most of the Connecticut coast, with 18 to 25 foot tides from New London east to Cape Cod.


NWS Boston – The Great Hurricane of 1938

As far as I can tell, The UN and Union of Concerned Scientists never tell the truth about anything. They are total frauds, and as climate alarmists love to say – fraud is not protected by the first amendment.

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2 Responses to More Climate Fraud From The United Nations And UCS

  1. Jason Calley says:

    History and facts; two things that do not hinder the raving CAGW crazies.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      In a broader sense, this amazing ability is a prerequisite to being a Leftist.

      The rest of us suffer considerable stress and discomfort while temporarily holding mutually exclusive sets of ideas or a belief plainly contradicted by facts. We have to resolve the conflict or descend permanently into the hell of lunacy.

      Leftists don’t have such psychological limitations. I know because many of them are my neighbors and acquaintances. They are a differently evolved branch of humans and quite possibly a different species.

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