No, It Is Never Safe For Morons To Have Kids


Letters: With global warming, is it safe to have kids?

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7 Responses to No, It Is Never Safe For Morons To Have Kids

  1. GeologyJim says:

    By all means, anyone who thinks as this woman does should absolutely NOT reproduce

    She can feel better knowing that her offspring will not contribute to excess CO2 emissions – –

    and the rest of us can rejoice that her non-reproductivitity will reduce the number of future ding-bat antiscientific brick-brains who are far too susceptible to climate propaganda

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    She should get together with Holthaus. He said he felt like a vasectomy.

  3. Ktm says:

    The Democrats in my state just selected a mentally ill 30 year old grocery clerk who works with his mom as their nominee for the US Senate.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

  4. Eliza says:

    Forget Brexit or Clexit the UK conservative establishment has just hijacked the movement by blocking Boris to put a remainer/warmist in Power.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    I read the link that contains the woman’s letter asking whether she should have children. In her letter she comments that the air in Antarctica has passed 400 ppm of CO2. I added a comment (below) and hope that it makes it past moderation.


    I am disturbed that would post a letter that is so obviously racist. The author, Helena Bader, (if that is, in fact, her REAL name) says that the CO2 in Antarctica has reached a level of 400 parts per million. Why does she so blindly and arrogantly assume that the patriarchal, Western civilization’s practice of using a base 10 number system is the ONLY acceptable way of representing that information? Many other cultures throughout history have used differing number systems. The base 60 system of Sumeria immediately comes to mind. Using the tried-and-true base 60 system, the CO2 concentration of Antarctic air is not 400, but is actually below 7 parts per million. SEVEN! Not 400, but 7! So why does Ms Bader say “400 parts per million”? Racism. Racism and fear mongering. She should be ashamed.

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