1979 : Global Cooling Indisputable – Caused Drought And Floods

In 1979, NOAA and the NSF said global cooling since WWII was indisputable, it was about half a degree C, it was causing droughts and floods, it would probably turn back into warming, and the swings were due to natural variability rather than climate change.

There is a record of such variability ever since man made observations.


Lawrence Journal-World – Google News Archive Search

Facts didn’t suit the White House agenda to seize control of the global energy supply, so Gavin Schmidt at NASA simply erased the post-WWII cooling.


NASA 2016           NCAR 1974

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4 Responses to 1979 : Global Cooling Indisputable – Caused Drought And Floods

  1. RAH says:

    IMO those are the first of the adjustments that NOAA and the GISS should have to justify simply because it is such a huge change and because the 1940’s “blip” was mentioned so prominently while the subsequent cooling was so prominent and well documented in both science and the general press.

    • Andy DC says:

      1979 is the ultimate cherry pick for alarmists to use as their starting point, because that year marked the end of a 40 year period of significant global cooling.

      What alarmists have been saying is that if it is warmer than the coldest year on record that we are suffering from a climate crisis.

      That if we don’t pay a huge carbon tax and turn our hard earned money over to corrupt 3rd world tin horn despots, we will destroy the planet.

      We’ve had accurate weather records going back to 1870, so why else be so hung up on 1979?

  2. Steve Case says:

    [ NASA 1974 / NASA 2016 ] is the best overlay you’ve made so far.

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