Undoing Barack Obama’s Destruction Of The EPA

Barack Obama completely hijacked the environmental movement with his fake climate agenda.

The National Geographic article below shows some of the damage he did. The picture does not show pollution. Rather it shows shadows behind condensed water vapor. Obama turned the EPA away from actual environmental problems, to completely fake ones. Many people are now unable to distinguish actual pollution from government propaganda.


Air Pollution Facts, Air Pollution Effects, Air Pollution Solutions, Air Pollution Causes – National Geographic

For a tiny fraction of the tens of billions Obama has wasted on climate fraud, we could have cleaned up the actual pollution problems in China and India – with technology being used in the US for the past 50 years.


Instead of cleaning up the water in Flint, Michigan, Obama’s EPA has been polluting the water in Colorado.


Myron Ebell will restore the EPA to their proper mission – protecting the environment.

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13 Responses to Undoing Barack Obama’s Destruction Of The EPA

  1. Neal S says:

    It seems some are doubling down on ‘climate stupidity’


    • Russell Cook says:

      That’s funny right there, they want to take an issue that the rest of us think can’t get any more radical, and take it even further left. It’s like watching a slow motion political suicide train wreck, where all of the rest of us can plainly see the tracks leading right over the edge of a cliff.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Only ~ 45% of US voters believe human caused CAGW as of 2014 but after Rasmussen was sold it jumped to “Sixty-five percent (65%) of Likely U.S. Voters view global warming as at least a somewhat serious problem” Chart 2008 to August 2014 HERE

        Voters Won’t Back Their Global Warming Worries With Cash

        …this Earth Day we asked how much more are you personally willing to pay in taxes and utility costs to generate a cleaner environment? Forty-five percent (45%) say they are not willing to pay any more, while another 26% are willing to spend only $100 more per year.

        Then there’s global warming which President Obama has declared is the greatest national security threat facing the United States. Fifty-four percent (54%) of U.S. voters believe the United States must take immediate action to stop global warming. But when voters are asked how much they are personally willing to pay in higher taxes and utility costs to do that, 48% say nothing at all, and 22% more are willing to spend only an additional $100 a year. Sound familiar?

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      True, Neal, but I’m sure you know that calling it doubling down on ‘climate stupidity’ is an understatement.

      People like Ryan Cooper sound like raving lunatics and it is tempting to dismiss them as idiots but Americans must stay wide awake. I enjoy watching the hysteria and panic of the Democratic Party but the totalitarians are always serious.

      Therefore, Democrats need to get radical, and the only political direction available is left. Strong climate policy means expropriation of some of the most valuable assets in the world.

      Direct huge government investments in zero carbon energy and transportation, and forcibly shut down coal and natural gas plants as fast as possible.

      If Democrats don’t win a national election and put through some really aggressive policy sometime in the next decade (in concert with other world powers), the United States of America might not make it to its 300th birthday. So let’s get cracking.

      Just because their schemes are delusional doesn’t mean they will not try. As a matter of fact, the stupider they sound, the likelier they’ll capture the imagination of the Democrat leftist base:

      Keep Hope Alive
      Demoralized Democrats have a road map for success in Trump’s America. It was written by Jesse Jackson.

      By Jamelle Bouie

      In the wake of Donald Trump’s surprise victory, demoralized Democrats have had a fierce intramural argument over how to move forward. Most call for a renewed focus on economic disadvantage. But some juxtapose this with a push against so-called “identity” politics.

      For Jackson, a politics that cured inner cities and dismantled overcrowded ghettos was also one that rescued abandoned factories and deserted farms.

      Jamelle Bouie is Slate’s chief political correspondent.


      As I said, I’m sure you know.

      • Neal S says:

        Still more climate change insanity

        I can just imagine it. Once the CAGW scoundrels are chased out, and non-adjusted temp charts are produced, then the leftists will claim that the reported temperatures are being manipulated to remove global warming and that scientists under Trump are lying.

        • Gator69 says:

          The CAGW cult is already responsible for millions of deaths, but you won’t hear that from the Ministry of Truth.

          • Gail Combs says:

            That is why I have ZERO tolerance for any of the CAGW concern trolls. They all have blood on their hands esp. the climAstrologists such as Gavin and Phil Jones and Mikey Mann.

        • H. Jorgon says:

          Do you have any idea of what that article may be about?
          Seems like insisting on some sort of Communistic moral imperative for president-elect Trump. In this USA, his ‘only’ oath is to defend the US constitution as it now stands! There is no presidential obligation to pay any attention whatsoever to banks, lobbyists, polsters, CFR, UN, EU, MSM, congress, or the fickle will of the people of the USA.

  2. DK Rhideat says:

    All very sad. Obama could have ushered in a new deal in race relations, a new opportunity for non whites.

    Instead we have ‘climate change’ dragging down everyone save the green curse and those out to make money while the USA crumbles.

    I get really angry when the man lacks the grace to respect the future president who, with a bit of luck, will consign the climate scam to history (which is his right).

  3. oeman50 says:

    EPA was handed considerable power to enforce actions in the environmental arena. At first, it required considerable improvements in emissions that actually impacted people’s health. But do you expect bureaucrats to ever dust off their hands and say, “my work is done, here?” Not a chance. They continued to wield their power to reduce emissions that are only realized in models, effects which are not in real human health.

  4. Drifter says:

    The point you’re making here, which I think is basically to focus on the things which are truly beneficial and which address known risks, is a critical one. Since you have the ear of Myron & Co. , perhaps you could stress to them the need for a focus on hardening our electrical infrastructure against an EMP from the sun (AKA Carrington event) or a weapon. My understanding is that the impact of an EMP would be truly catastrophic, but that the damage can be lessened significantly with a fairly minor amount of investment. It would be interesting to know if this is already on the agenda of the new team.

    • Gail Combs says:

      BREAKING: Look Who Just Claimed Responsibility For OSU Attack

      ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack at Ohio State University.

      The Islamic State claimed responsibility through its Amaq news agency for the car and knife attack. Nobody was killed in the attack, but 11 were hospitalized.

      Their statement said the attack at the university was perpetuated by a “soldier of the Islamic State,” according to the SITE Intelligence group, which monitors Radical Islam and their propaganda….

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