Actual Photographs Of The Disappearing Arctic

Ahead of the arrival of the Trump administration and Myron Ebell, several well known climate scientists and the press have ramped up a massive barrage of lies about the Arctic. Some of them actually claiming the Arctic is currently melting at -20C.

I flew over Greenland (which has gained a record amount of ice this autumn) and the Canadian Arctic yesterday, and took these pictures.

Southeast Greenland


Southwest Greenland


Canadian Shield


Eastern shore of the Hudson Bay


Nothing is melting in the Arctic. Greenland has gained 300 billion tons of ice since September 1, blowing away all records for ice gain.


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The amount of sea ice in the Arctic is just about average for recent years.


FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20161128.png (1337×1113)

Temperatures are below freezing from New Mexico to India.


ESRL : PSD : PSD Map Room: Weather Plots

The level of climate fraud at US Government funded agencies and their cronies in the state sponsored media is  through the roof. They are now in desperation mode to retain their billions in climate scam funding.

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18 Responses to Actual Photographs Of The Disappearing Arctic

  1. Michael moore says:

    We now live in a very cold world as we followed the little ice age. Warming is good very good. That a look at Romans airport location under water 2000 years ago! Sea level 8 to 10 feet higher. Sea levels have been 4 meters higher in mans recent pasted less than 8000 years!

    Warmer world is a very good thing not to be feared but a colded world is our real problem.

  2. AndyG55 says:

    I think I posted this earlier.

    The DMI plots for 27/11 from 2011 – 2016 show that mid-thickness ice is considerably more extended than previous years.

    Its only the new stuff that is a bit down.

    But the “less cold” blob is moving down through central Canada and the new ice should now start to form quite rapidly

  3. Matt says:

    Tony, great post! The climate science is one of the areas were it is a revolutionary act to show reality. These are the last few weeks of trying to keep the fraudulent scam alive before accountablity enters into the DC again. The next few weeks you will have ice melting at -20 C and other stuff to try to force the new admin into their direction. Almost fun to watch. To base decisions on actual observations again and to analyse the departure from models is just common sense – and Mr. Ebell will certainly look at the issues in an un-biased way. The money stolen now in the climate scheme can be used to improve the state of the environment – clean air, water, etc in the future. To modernize mass transit is certainly an important issue.

    To bring common sense back into the Government is a success that really could turn many things around. You, Tony, did your part to bring this to life – really well done!

  4. Winnipeg Boy says:

    Perhaps a spot in the administration for Mr Heller?

    How fun would that be to have Tony be the guy to hand Gavin his walking papers?

  5. Fred Harwood says:

    Here’s SE Greenland Sep 2011 for comparison.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    Historic town of Gatlinburg Tenn threatened fire:

    (It has also been really dry here in NC this fall too.)

  7. Steve Fox says:

    Hi Tony,
    That weather map gives 10C for Normandy where I live for Monday. I had 6C yesterday, -3 last night, and a maximum 2 today with sunshine all day. About 6-7C below normal, I would think. The current forecast is for nights at -8C, or 18F this week. That’s pretty much off the map. Maybe it’s the new normal…

    Thanks for your blog!

  8. Gabriel says:

    Great job, Tony! It would be just fine having more pictures at the end of winter season to compare.

  9. FourTimesAYear says:

    I still say that unless something alters the tilt and/or the trajectory of the planet, things are not going to change much outside of the normal cycles. I also still say that alarmists missed their basic climate science in grade school.
    (Btw, the local forecast for the weekend last Tuesday evening was for sunny and partly cloudy. It changed to cloudy, rain, and less than half an inch of snow – and that changed early yesterday morning to 1-2″. If weather forecasts are so changeable, we certainly can’t rely on climate model forecasts. Our guess is as good as theirs – and probably better – we skeptics knew the ice would be growing back, just as it does every winter.)

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