Surveys Show Fact Checkers Lie About Climate At Least 97% Of The Time

These fact checkers claim 97% of experts agree humans are primarily responsible for global warming.


Trump on Climate Change

This claim is completely fraudulent and has no basis. Actual surveys show 52%. No group of professional atmospheric scientists shows anywhere close to 97%.



Every climate fact check I have ever seen from Google endorsed fact checkers has been completely fraudulent.

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18 Responses to Surveys Show Fact Checkers Lie About Climate At Least 97% Of The Time

  1. Me says:

    Suprised they are not at 99.99% yet, the way they talk? I am still surprised people still think they have any confidence after their 97% BS!

  2. BruceC says:

    Didn’t Kook’s own study show only 0.5% ‘explicitly endorse AGW by +50%’?

    From memory, only 64 peer-reviewed studies (out of 11,600-odd) endorsed AGW.

  3. Robertv says:

    Didn’t they change it from Global Warming to Climate Change for a reason. And yes it is human made, mainly by fraudulent data and the Urban Heat where most of the temperature data comes from. So if they tell me that New York has become warmer during the last 100 years and humans are the reason I can agree.

  4. In a survey I did, 98% of sceptics said the world had likely warmed last century (since the little ice-age). In contrast 97% of climate academics said it had.

    Thus proving that sceptics are 50% more likely to tick the right box.

    Which I think shows the true nature of the debate: sceptics are careful about what they say – whereas climate researchers just “wing it”.

  5. Bloke down the pub says:
    Showing how Google can control search results.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Google is not the only search engine that is mucked up by the left.

      A discussion at Chiefio’s about the Progressives control of search engines and what to do about it starting HERE

      Awareness of the problem is the first step.

      This BTW is the reason for the ‘Fake News’ meme. Just like with the label ‘Climate Den1er’ was used to deny the other side of the debate news coverage now they can use the meme ‘Fake News’ to censor sites…. like that of President-elect Trumps…. (Talk about stomping on the dragon’s tail.)

      • wert says:

        Do not dare to suggest Russia is not an enemy. It is, more than for 20-30 years.

        Putin is a strange, aggressive dictator who does not keep his little green men inside borders.

        Russia has been aggressive towards pretty much every neighbor who don’t kowtow Putin.

        Putin wants submission, more that the US from Cuba. And that is much.

  6. B says:

    There has been a hard press to label anything that doesn’t ultimately come from the state and those who influence/control it as “fake news” or not correct over the past couple years. They are leveraging authority to shut down those who know better. To give the people that still believe ammo to counter those who no longer believe. To socially force others into silence.

    • Neal S says:

      I found it funny that some of the claims of ‘fake news’ were advertisements. And those in alarm over ‘fake news’ were claiming that many younger folk couldn’t distinguish it from ‘real news’. I do believe many young folk can recognize an advertisement when they see it, and the real alarm is that since ‘real news’ has so much falsehood with it, that to many people, it really is indistinguishable from the exaggerations or outright lies you get with advertisements. Come to think of it, advertisements might actually have more truth in them than ‘real news’. The alarm is actually because ‘real news’ is no longer believed by its target audience.

  7. Allen Eltor says:

    Have you guys heard about Pizza-Gate? Well, you need to go check YouTube.

    4chan guys are the ones who discovered this, through sifting the Anthony Weiner emails. They have their own reasons for what they investigate, and they’re not squeamish.

    Check out about Podesta and his brother
    being about 2500 feet from where that McCann girl was abducted,
    and the drawings of the two men,
    witnesses saw ferrying the child away.

    Peace on ya Tony, & everybody.

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