And You Thought The US Press Was Bad

This is an all time classic from November 9, 2016 – across the International Date Line. The Australian is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same person who pays Megyn Kelly $20 million a year to attack Donald Trump.


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12 Responses to And You Thought The US Press Was Bad

  1. Analitik says:

    And The Australian is not the most left wing of our local new publications.
    Not by a long shot!

  2. Ernest Bush says:

    Apparently, the majority of Americans have woken up to the fact that people like the Clintons and the Obamas threaten their very lives with their dreams of a world government dominated by them and their cohorts abroad. I just hope the awakened are ready to stand up to what’s coming and push back so we can climb out of the hole the progressives have dug. It is not going to be easy.

    I have gone from disregard to hate of all old-style media. Their writers and editors are the scum of the earth, knowingly churning out lies and progressive fantasies daily. The latest stupidity came from an opinion writer for The Washington Post who thinks we need to abolish the states. He must live in a world full of the haze of drug-induced dreams. He certainly doesn’t live in reality.

    I’m also thinking we should encourage them to bare their souls in print and on TV, so that average Americans can see what kind of people these “journalists” really are. It may actually wake up more Americans to the fact that their country is being stolen out from under them.

    • Frank K. says:

      “I have gone from disregard to hate of all old-style media.”

      You CAN do something. Cut your cable subscription (thereby removing CNN and MSNBC from your life while saving you money). Cancel all paper and news magazine subscriptions. Remove all MSM apps from your phone and block their IP addresses on your computer and tablet devices. Inform their sponsors of your displeasure with their news “products”. And tell your friends, colleagues, and people you meet to do the same.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    I love that front page. Everyone in media believed the polls.

    Rupert Murdoch owns the Australian (News Corp).
    He is not a fan of Trump, considering Murdoch is one of the Wall Street & globalist gang
    He is however extremely flexible in his principles. Now that Trump is President, Murdoch will be looking to take advantage.

  4. Zedekiah Smyth says:

    Typical of the rubbish Murdoch publishes. To get back to climate related nonsense, they warned today that Australian cities would receive ‘scorching mid-January style weather’ over the next 5 days. The link and headline promise 40 degree celsius days, but reading the actual article it goes from ‘near 40’ to talking about low 30s and high 20s.

    Anyway, I am keeping check over the next week. Today’s hottest city was Adelaide- at 35.2 C ( which is not 40). Perth managed a miserable 21.8C.

  5. Ralph says:

    WAIT! The most important news item on the front page “Goodbye To Cleavage” didn’t make headlines?? OMG NO!!

  6. Eliza says:

    The Australian right is equivalent to “leftist” Bernie style politics. Their “left” is absolutely off the charts. There is no conservative/right in Australia as in the US.

  7. mat says:

    Tony, off topic, but have you seen this?
    Milo Yiannopoulos on why he doesn’t believe in man made climate change.

    Not particularly a Milo fan, but as it turns out, he use to work inside the climate change “industry”. He was in the front row at the UN for Gore’s speech, and saw how they hid or removed data that didn’t fit the hypothesis. It’s only about 6 minutes long, and it’s with Joe Rogan on his podcast…

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