Color Blindness Epidemic

In a remarkable outbreak of mass color blindness, all of the leading political experts and news sources have developed the inablility to see the color red – and are only able to a few tiny dots of blue near the periphery of this map.


Daily chart: A country divided by counties | The Economist

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20 Responses to Color Blindness Epidemic

  1. Jack Striker says:

    Once all 30 million illegals are gone, half the California blue and all the Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico blue will be gone, too.

    • NavarreAggie says:

      I doubt it. Travis county in Texas (Austin) prides itself on the being weird, liberal, and hippy. That won’t change unless there is a fundamental political earthquake that shakes this country to its knees.

      • RAH says:

        If not for Austin, Dallas, and Huston, liberals would be an endangered species in Texas outside of the college campuses and old Grampa from Opus wouldn’t be able to hunt them anymore.

  2. Psalmon says:

    Remarkably, Democrats have incumbent Senators up for election in 2018 in these 10 States (Trump won):
    – Montana
    – North Dakota
    – Wisconsin
    – Indiana
    – Michigan
    – Ohio
    – Pennsylvania
    – West Virginia
    – Missouri
    – Florida
    And 3 in Trump Close States:
    – Minnesota (2 pts)
    – Maine (3pts, won ME2)
    – Virginia (5pts Kaine)

    I think the Senate Democrats will be VERY cooperative this year…

  3. Bryan Wiley says:

    Well as absolutely thrilled that Trump won (I can’t overstate my enthusiasm! lol) she still won the popular vote.

    So large swaths of red aren’t quite accurate. Let’s stick with facts rather than colors.

    • If you’d have had even a small fraction of the “mainstream” media doing what they are supposed to do and representing the views of real people supporting Trump, don’t you imagine that the Trump vote would have been overwhelming?

    • Tim A says:

      Well, colors convey the facts quite well. That’s why we have the electoral college so that the brainwashed/bought-off (and dead) in the urban centers are unable to automatically determine the outcome of every election.

      • dave1billion says:

        Plus you have to remember that the goal is to win a majority in the Electoral College.

        I’ve been telling people who say “Hillary won the popular vote” that that is like saying of a football game, “but we had more yards and the greater time of possession.” Those metrics don’t determine a win.

        As such, Trump’s strategy was to ignore the large populations of New York and California to focus on the swing states.

        I believe that if Trump had wanted to spend more money on ads designed to counteract the relentless media narrative in the deep blue states, he could have fairly easily made up the several hundred thousand difference in the popular vote.

        But Trump is a businessman, who knows the end game. If he was constructing a building whose design specs called for concrete exterior walls, he’d be a fool to spend money upgrading to marble exterior walls. Especially if it came at the cost of not meeting design specifications on some other part of the building.

        And finally, imagine the additional spending that would be required if we ever do replace the electoral college with the popular vote. That would give the special interests (corporate and otherwise) even MORE power. Rather than focusing on a dozen unfortunate swing states (unfortunate if you watch TV there), we’d all be bombarded with non-stop political advertisements.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Only because of all the voter fraud or did you miss:
      Obama telling the illegals to vote? According to some professors… Our best guess… is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010…

      Did you miss the second Veritas Video: DNC Operatives Admit They’ve Rigged Elections for Half a Century

      Did you miss E.M. Smith’s Voter Fraud and Voting Irregularities?

      The ONLY reason Trump won is because the Monster vote overwhelmed the fraud.
      Alex Jones had Bev Harris (a democrat) on talking about the ‘tells’ of voter fraud in this election.

      Also Trump supporters in California, New York, Oregon and Washington did not bother to vote because they were discouraged from voting.

      • rw says:

        What’s needed here is careful assessment, not a flashy display of factoids. There certainly is evidence of possible fraud (note the “possible” – some of the incidents recounted on EM Smith’s page may have had to do with machine malfunction, not fraud), but cherry picking and taking facts out of context (to produce factoids) is not sufficient to establish what was going on.

      • Dan the Man says:

        Some of the folks in the “Deep Blue Sea” voted Against HRC, and knew Johnson and Stein were worthy “Protest Votes” where one might look to in hopes of upsetting the applecart full of Manure shoveled at us from Video, Radio, and Print.
        I know more than One Bernie fan who voted for Trump.

  4. When I searched on the internet for any media coverage that was even mildly impartial – when I looked for anyone who didn’t go from smiles at the prospect of the criminal Clinton to grimaces at the news of Trumps Triumph … I couldn’t find anyone.

    The media, now speak for a minority of the electorate – WITHIN A MINORITY of democrat supporters. Their views are so similar that it is laughable they think themselves to have any spread at all in their clone like ideas.

  5. richard verney says:

    As an Englishman, I am extremely pleased that Trump won. Clinton represented everything that is wrong with politics and politicians.

    I consider that had the MSM been fair and impartial, by which I mean not so skewed against Trump, but additionally held Clinton to account and put her activities under the spotlight, then Trump’s margin of victory would have been far more.

    As it is, it is clear from the map that Trump represents the views of ordinary Americans across the land. The democrats represent nothing more than the view of the metropolitan liberal elite in coastal cities and the unlawful migrants, both of which fractions ride the gravy train (in their different ways)..

    Let’s hope that Trump can achieve real change. It will be difficult because there will always be much opposition to his action from career politicians, the left leaning MSM, and the metropolitan elite of big business motivated by self interest, but if Trump can pull it off, the world will be a better place. Make America Great Again. I only hope that the British can adopt the same goal, and avoid a sell out to the ruling political elite when negotiating the terms of exit from the EU.

    To date, it has been a great year for those who believe in democracy; for those who believe in government by the people for the people, rather than those who believe in control by the select metropolitan liberal elite for the interest and benefit of those select metropolitan liberal elite.

    Perhaps there should be a new placard: Freedom Trumps Control

  6. Javier says:

    The reality of the situation is that Donald Trump lost 1.9 million votes respect Mitt Romney, while Hillary Clinton lost 6.5 million votes respect Barack Obama. So Trump won because he was less of a looser than Clinton. Clearly disenchantment with the way things go and with the candidates is the main conclusion from the elections.

    • RAH says:

      Yet in a presidential election year the party holding majorities in both chambers of Congress retained them thus bucking a historic trend. THAT with the election of Trump is a clear mandate.

  7. BobW in NC says:

    Have just read that over 3 million illegals voted in past election. Wonder what would happen to Hillary’s vote count if they were excluded as they should be?

  8. RAH says:

    It really doesn’t matter. The Electoral college was set up so the states elect the president and not the people directly. The democraps aren’t going to get the votes for an amendment to the Constitution to change that and they aren’t going to get the balance of the SCOTUS changed to usurp the Constitution by they means either. All this talk about the popular vote is merely fodder for the ignorant poor losers and everyone with two brain cells knows that. Holder can eat sh!t and die.

    Now concerning the Electoral College. Two 5 minute videos. The first explaining the Electoral College and the reasons for it. The second explaining the current greatest threat to it. Each is presented in a way that a freshman in HS should be able to understand it but at the same time will inform many adults:

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