Gavin Erasing The 1940’s Warmth In Iceland

The Canberra Times has firmly established themselves as a leading anti-science newspaper by claiming the adjustments NASA is making to the Icelandic temperature record are legitimate.

The adjustments aren’t legitimate. As of 2014, NASA had completed wiped out the well documented 1940’s warmth and subsequent cooling at Reykjavik, by lowering 1940 temperatures more than 2C..


The person in charge at the Icelandic Met Office said four years ago : The GHCN “corrections” are grossly in error in the case of Reykjavik.

Many journalists like Peter Hannam at the Canberra Times are stuck in the 16th century mentality of attacking people they view as heretics, are too lazy to do any actual research, and too corrupt to give the target of their hit pieces the opportunity to respond.

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