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Creating Sanctuary Cities For Progressives In Mexico

Mexicans want to come to the US and work. Progressives want to leave the US and complain. A simple solution would be a one for one citizen swap, where hard working Mexicans replace useless, lazy, stoned, stinky progressives. It might be a … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

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California To Check Out, Launch A Climate Satellite

   Good idea! We can build a wall just east of the San Andreas fault, and keep Colorado and Texas from being further Californicated. (Apparently no one noticed that counties in northeastern California voted 70% Trump/22% Clinton.) We could sell them Colorado … Continue reading

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Progressives Ramp Up The Climate Stupid To Spectacular New Levels

The Washington Post “super-hot” Arctic stupidity level is going off-scale.  Now our progressive friends believe that the pitch black North Pole is sunny and rapidly melting in December at -10C. ESRL : PSD : PSD Map Room: Weather Plots The same southerly … Continue reading

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1976 : “climatologists can offer no scientific proof to back up their theories”

Forty years ago, climatologists said that global cooling was making the weather berserk. Climatologists Forecast Stormy Economic Future The weather seems to have gone berserk lately. The tennis courts at Wimbledon in England have not been as parched since the … Continue reading

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