Workplace Violence From 75 Years Ago


Had Barack Obama been president on December 7, 1941 – he would have found a way to blame Pearl Harbor on the US, and apologized to the Japanese JV team.

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12 Responses to Workplace Violence From 75 Years Ago

  1. Thomas Robbins says:

    LMAO – true ..

  2. Graham Kirk says:

    Surely, he’d have blamed Climate Change?!!!

  3. Gail Combs says:

    Obama bows to the emperor of Japan.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    French Police rebelling against Media and the Politicians who refuse to call Jihadist Attacks, Islamic Terrorism.
    France: Decomposing in Front of Our Eyes

    …The most jolting evidence of this malaise was to see more than 500 French police officers demonstrating with police cars and motorcycles on the night of October 17, without the backing of labor unions, without authorization, on the Champs Elysées in Paris….

    The main cause of their anger seems primarily the violence often directed against police, and terrorist attacks. On the terrorist level, two policemen were stabbed to death in Magnanville in June 2016 by a Muslim extremist, Larossi Aballa. This spring, more than 300 police officers and gendarmes were injured by demonstrators….

    Police were also aggrieved by Bernard Cazeneuve, the minister of interior, who called the attackers “sauvageons” (“little wild ones”). Police and opposition politicians replied that the attackers were not “little wild ones but criminals who attacked police to kill.”

    Since then, police demonstrations have spread to other cities. More than a month after the start of the discontent, police officers were still protesting in every big city. On November 24, two hundred police officers demonstrated in Paris between Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe, to express their “anger.”…

    This revolt of one pillar of French society, the police, was the biggest that ever happened in modern France. Yet, virtually no one in France’s mainstream media covered the event.

    Schools, and hospitals are also under attack in France. (Article gives listing)

  5. gator69 says:

    … he would have found a way to blame Pearl Harbor on the US…

    Skeeter would have accomplished this by claiming that the attack was caused by global warming, created by evil white men and their excessive western lifestyles.

  6. RAH says:

    He and the press would have said it was carried out by angry white men if they could have gotten away with it.

    As bad as it was it could have been much worse. The Japanese failed to go after the oil tank farm. If they had taken that facility out the war would have lasted at least 6 months if not a year longer. And of course sinking the ships in a relatively shallow harbor made it possible to salvage those worth it which would not have been possible in blue water. The old battleships salvaged at Pearl did a great deal of work during the war not just in the Pacific either. The salvaged USS Nevada did crucial work off the US beaches at Normandy. The submarine docks were untouched and thus the US had some first line subs that could immediately deploy and the training up and deployment of the subs coming on line was not disrupted at all. Until the last 6 months of the war when US aircraft ran wild over the home islands US submarines led the way in Japanese ship tonnage sunk.

  7. Gail Combs says:

    President Elect Donald Trump Statement On 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
    “We pause today to remember the 2,403 American heroes who selflessly gave their lives at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, on a date that will forever live in infamy. We also honor the 1,178 Americans who were wounded, and the countless others who instinctively did their duty, rushing to their posts in the midst of the chaos.

    Their shared sacrifice reminds us of the great costs paid by those who came before us to secure the liberties we enjoy, and inspires us to rise to meet the new challenges that stand before us today.

    America’s enemies have changed over the past 75 years. But the fact remains, as President Reagan said when first proclaiming National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, ‘there can be no substitute for victory’ in the pursuit of peace.

    Today we are the bearers of the torch of freedom these brave Americans passed on to us. In honor of their faithfulness, and for the sake of generations to come, we will never allow that flame to be extinguished.” ~ President Elect Donald J Trump

    Meanwhile Obummer muttered, no comment as he teed up for his next shot at Larry Ellison’s private golf course in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

  8. Ralph says:

    Doesn’t Obama know you NEVER take your eyes off your opponent when you bow? That’s something that’s not done in any karate form!

  9. bnorml says:

    And if it had happened at the beginning of his presidency, it would be the fault of the US because of George Bush.

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