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Differentiating Global Warming Snow From Global Cooling Snow

Tamino says snow in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi is caused by unusually warm air.  I prepared the chart below to help readers to differentiate between global cooling high snow extent and global warming high snow extent. Rutgers University Climate Lab … Continue reading

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Book Burning Nazis At Simon and Schuster Destroy Writings Of Homosexual Man

During the 1930’s the Nazis burned books written by homosexuals. Beginning in 1933, gay organizations were banned, scholarly books about homosexuality, and sexuality in general, (such as those from the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, run by Jewish gay rights campaigner Magnus Hirschfeld) … Continue reading

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GAIA Conspires Against Tom Udall

On days when he isn’t claiming Russia and the FBI conspired to hack the election, President Obama says not to believe in conspiracy theories. The southwest has suffered for 50 years from a scourge of carpet-bagging Mormon politicians with surname Udall. We … Continue reading

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1000 Miles Of Ice Growth In 12 Days

One week ago, our top government funded experts announced that the Barents Sea is hot and the ice was melting to record low levels. Only a complete moron could believe that the Arctic is seeing record low levels of ice in … Continue reading

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One Million Dollars Says 2017 Won’t Be The Hottest Year Ever

Mark Boslough used to work in the same group as me at Sandia Labs, and seems to like lying about me on Facebook and Twitter – in his official capacity as a government employee. He predicts Gavin Schmidt will set … Continue reading

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