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Roy Spencer’s Prediction

Dr. Roy Spencer forecasts that RSS TLT data will be altered : “I expect there will soon be a revised TLT product from RSS which shows enhanced warming, too. Here’s what I’m predicting: 1) neither John Christy nor I will … Continue reading

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155 Years Ago In California

Sometime in the next few hours or minutes, climate alarmists will start blaming the California flooding on “climate change.” As always, they are lying. One hundred fifty-five years ago, the eastern US was preoccupied with the Civil War. But in … Continue reading

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The California Permanent Drought

“All the fake news that’s unfit to print” A few months ago, the New York Times announced the California permanent drought. California Braces for Unending Drought – The New York Times As always, they had no idea what they were … Continue reading

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Election Night, 2008

Did you think she was joking?

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Guardian : Methane Killed Us All Years Ago

Sad news. The Guardian and Nature Magazine say the Arctic is ice-free and methane killed us all two years ago. Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist | Environment | The Guardian

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Eight Years Of Hope And Change Comes To An End

After eight years of hope and change by Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, race based lynchings have returned to America.

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