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Zeke Responds

Zeke responded to my analysis by blocking me.  Because climate alarmists hate censorship.

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Milo At CU

Milo spoke in Boulder last night: “It’s absolutely true that liberalism is the refuge of the joyless and unattractive people” “They hate me because, unlike all of the beautiful people in Hollywood who spout liberal lies, gibberish and fake news to … Continue reading

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US Government Climate Scientists : Abnormally Stupid

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Even The Guardian Admits Russian Hacking Is Fake News

Barack Hussein Obama attempted to use the CIA in a coup against the US president, which even the radical far left wing newspaper Guardian now admits was fake news. Media Coverage of Russian Hacking Has Been More Fiction That Fact … Continue reading

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Obama Calls His Actions Unpatriotic

Before he more than doubled the national debt, Barack Hussein Obama said that raising the debt ceiling is unpatriotic. Obama complained about Bush increasing the debt three trillion to $8.8 trillion. So Obama raised it by eleven trillion to almost $20 trillion. … Continue reading

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Zeke Debunks Himself – Twice

Zeke Hausfather has provided the latest excuse for trying to erase the hiatus, so let’s have a look at his work.  He claims my US temperature adjustment graph is flawed because of changes in average station latitude and altitude over time. Zeke’s … Continue reading

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