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Researching The Thing Of The Past

Our leading climate experts say that snowfalls ended 17 years ago. Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent My research assistants and I investigated that theory this morning, and came to the conclusion … Continue reading

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Greenland Ice Growth Continues To Blow Away All Records

Experts say Greenland is melting down and unraveling. As with everything else they say, the exact opposite is occurring. Greenland is blowing away all records for ice gain. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI This is what Greenland looked … Continue reading

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Coldest Weather I Have Ever Seen

It is currently -14F in Boulder and -41F across the border in Wyoming. I have never seen temperatures this cold before.

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Massive Decline In The Integrity Of NOAA

NOAA reports a massive decline Arctic sea ice and snow through late November, and that their satellite records for sea ice began in 1979. Massive Decline in Arctic Sea Ice, Snow | Global Trade Magazine NOAA satellite records actually extend back … Continue reading

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Record Arctic Fraud Continues

Experts say Arctic sea ice is at a record low level and is rapidly disappearing. As always, they are lying. Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in at least five years, and has been growing at a record rate … Continue reading

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“Super-hot” Arctic Air Arrives!

“If you thought that science was certain – well, that is just an error on your part.” ― Richard Feynman Experts at the Washington Post say the Arctic is “super-hot.” The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than … Continue reading

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Too Cold To Snow

A common rumor among alarmists is that you can’t get much snow when it is cold, which is why they think global warming brings snow to Mississippi. Boulder broke our all time January one day snowfall record today with 14 inches … Continue reading

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The Progressive Data Tampering Continues Unabated

You can’t make this stuff up. One layer of temperature fraud piled on another. RSS lower troposphere temperature data shows that cooling over the last 10 months has been the fastest on record. RSS_TS_channel_TLT_Global_Land_And_Sea_v03_3.txt So Carl Mears of RSS rushed … Continue reading

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Desperation Rises Among Journalists As Their Scam Comes To An End

Two days ago, USA Today said the California drought is making global warming worse, and droughts are getting longer and more severe because of your SUV. Side effect of California’s drought? More climate pollution Northern California is actually having their … Continue reading

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