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New Coexist Poster

Much better than the last one.

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Ashley Judd Goes Where No Sane Person Has Gone Before

I was at the Women’s March on Washington, and have never seen so many mentally ill people in one place.

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Democrat Party Criminals At Work

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EPA Fake News Site Still Up

The southwestern US has record or near record snowpack, with much of the region more than 200% of normal. Basin Snow Water Content Map (SNOTEL) National Snow Analyses – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information Contrary to press … Continue reading

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Record Arctic Ice Growth Continues

Two weeks ago I predicted : With very cold air settling in over Alaska and the Bering Sea, ice extent will grow quickly over the next two weeks. That is exactly what happened. Arctic sea ice extent is now the … Continue reading

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The US Has Cooled Since 1920, And The Frequency Of Hot Days Has Plummeted

Gavin Schmidt explained the correct way to measure temperatures. Use only good stations. Gavin Schmidt: Global weather services gather far more data than we need. To get the structure of the monthly or yearly anomalies over the United States, for example, you’d just … Continue reading

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Experts : Glacier National Park To Be Ice-Free By 2002

5 Mar 1952, Page 22 – The Post-Standard

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