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The Heatwave Of January, 1896 In Southeast Australia

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.” Mark Twain January, 1896 was the hottest month in NSW history, with some locations seeing temperatures over 120 degrees on ten consecutive days. Mark Twain implied that it was just … Continue reading

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Learning To Think And Speak Like A Progressive

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2016 Was One Of The Least Hot Years On Record In The US

NBC News says that 2016 was the second hottest years on record in the US. 2016 Was Second Hottest Year on Record in U.S., With 15 ‘Billion-Dollar’ Weather Disasters – NBC News As with essentially all climate stories from the … Continue reading

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NOAA Global Temperatures Are Fake Data

NOAA showed numerous places on Earth as being the hottest ever in September. I placed arrows pointing to several of them. Land-Ocean This is fake data. NOAA didn’t have any thermometer records at those “record hot” locations, or over about half … Continue reading

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New Research Shows That Climate Scientists Want Funding

Last week, experts reported that California’s trees are dying from drought. Even California’s Mighty Oaks Are Dying From Drought — Water Deeply Statewide, California was wetter than normal last year. Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt Explains Why NOAA Data Tampering Is Illegitimate

NOAA has been rapidly losing station temperature data in recent years, and now more than 40% of their US data is fake. If they don’t have temperature data at a station in particular month, they simply make it up. Their … Continue reading

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