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Weapons Of Mass Deception

The criminals in the MSM pushing the global warming scam have established standard Pavlov’s Dogs techniques for pushing progressives deeper into their insanity. When progressives see these images, they drool mindlessly. Water vapor tinted red with Photoshop. These are man-made clouds, and images like … Continue reading

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President Trump Sends A Shot Across The Bow

It is amazing how much content Donald Trump can pack into 170 characters, which is why the MSM is dead, RINO’s are crushed, and the Democrats are six feet under.

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Snowiest January In A Century At Chama, New Mexico

Chama, New Mexico has received almost six feet of snow this month – making it the snowiest January in a century. It snowed an average of 10 cm per day. New Mexico senator change is real!

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Corrupting December At NCDC

NOAA shows US December temperatures increasing at 0.1F per decade since 1930. Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) They are actually decreasing at 0.1F per decade since 1930. In order to make Zeke happy, I … Continue reading

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The Incredible Heatwaves Of January 30, 1931 And 1911

On January 30, 1931 almost 80% of the US was above 50F, and about two thirds was above 60F. On January 30, 1911 the heat wasn’t quite as widespread, but was much more intense.  Encinas and Lampasas, Texas both reached … Continue reading

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