Guardian Says Michael Mann Is Part Of The “Conservative Media”

Settled Science!

The Guardian says the “conservative media” refuses to accept the most recent rewrite of history, which magically wiped out the global warming pause since the year 2000.

Conservative media can’t stop denying there was no global warming ‘pause’ | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian

Less than a year ago, Michael Mann, CRU, NOAA and NASA all believed in the pause. According to the Guardian, they must be part of the conservative media, and Zeke Hausfather has replaced them as the world’s only authority on climate.

Making sense of the early-2000s warming slowdown : Nature Climate Change

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23 Responses to Guardian Says Michael Mann Is Part Of The “Conservative Media”

  1. RAH says:

    Let us hope that there is no big volcanic eruption in the mid latitudes to give these guys cover for the cooling to come. It’s coming and it’s going to be too deep for them to adjust their way out of it.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    The coming decline is something the “conservative media” just ain’t going to be able to hide.

    And I’ll express my concerns again about one person that’s in fact making little effort to hide his leftism on climate change: Rex Tillerson (Sec of State nominee). Today Tillerson reconfirmed that he’s worried about “the risks of climate change,” but worse is that Tillerson says he wants to influence Trump on that issue.

    The leftists go to bat for Tillerson:
    Trump Says Climate Change Is a Hoax. Rex Tillerson Just Disagreed.
    “No one country is going to solve this alone,” said the former Exxon Mobil CEO and secretary-of-state nominee:

    We won this election. If we lose the next one we will have a climate change shill as Sec of State. Let’s not do the same thing.

    • Edmonton Al says:

      Tony will change his mind.

    • pmc47025 says:

      Rex says:
      “the risk of climate change does exist.”

      “The increase in greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is having an effect. Our ability to predict that effect is very limited,”

      “The world is going to have to continue using fossil fuels, whether they like it or not.”

      Maybe Tillerson is using the meaningless “Climate Change” terminology to keep the hucksters at a safe distance. Searching for Tillerson “CO2” and “Carbon Tax” quotes makes me think he’ll say what is technically true with intent to mislead to the intended audience, think Ted Cruz, Bill Clinton, and most successful politicians, ugh. On the other hand, anyone with private sector engineering and management success would be a great improvement over the soon to be booted SoS (aka YesSer Obammy). Tillerson is a relatively new name for me, I could be completely off base (FAKE NEWS ALERT!).

      • Gail Combs says:

        No Candidate is perfect. However Tillerson is a very savvy negotiator and there fore a good pick for Sec. of State.
        See this from a Hillary Voter: What I learned about Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson after spending a week on jury duty with him

        He is not going to be the head of the EPA so Trump is maximizing his assets and minimizing his faults.

        Jo Nova It’s about character: Rex Tillerson’s

        I hope this is the vid I watched. Tillerson was impressive and I like his ideas.

        The man is so far above John Kerry or the Hilderbeast it is incredible.

        • Eric Simpson says:

          But Tillerson did say yesterday his views on climate change are his own, not Exxon’s.

          “The president-elect has invited my views on climate change,” Tillerson said. “He knows I am on the public record with my views. I look forward to providing those.”

          Trump invited Tillerson’s leftist views on climate change??


          “I came to the decision a few years ago that the risk of climate change does exist and the consequences could be serious enough that it warrants action,” Tillerson said.

          Most Republicans don’t share that view. It behooves us to get someone that shares our view!

          • pmc47025 says:

            WJC would say: It depends on what the meaning of the of the term ‘climate change’ is.

            It seems the alarm machine has partially won the terminology battle.

        • pmc47025 says:

          Good info, thanks Gail!

    • RAH says:

      Never forget that Trump is the boss and had a whole lot of practice at telling people “Your Fired”.

    • Colorado Wellington says:


      I watched the hearing and I am not concerned.

  3. scott allen says:

    I completely agree with you. The coming global cooling will be to big to apply their adjustments to, Mr. Sun is going quiet and no amount of adjustment will make up for it.'s_Role_in_Climate

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Try posting those FACTS below that Guardian article and down the rabbit hole you’d go. ‘Comment is free’, they reckon. lol.

  5. Ever more cynical says:

    Actually, this article struck me as a how-to on finding a model that suits your goal.

  6. RAH says:

    Are we having fun yet?

    Guy did a great job. Notice he was using the rumble strips for all their worth. On any combination like that the rear trailer must be lighter than the front one. If that rear pup trailer had not been considerably lighter than the front one he would have been in the ditch. It appears that is a two axle tractor. They are the very worst in slick conditions.

    I really don’t know which is worse the sudden slick spot or the slow motion slide of death in known slick conditions.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Thanks, RAH! I watched it several times before I read your whole comment.

      That was some great driving. I thought I understood how he was able to hold the right side slide on a possibly rougher shoulder *) but I was puzzled why he didn’t jackknife earlier on the left.

      So it was the rumble strips. It also speaks for him he got the trailers loaded right.
      *) I got down the mountain a few times myself by hooking my right wheels on the shoulder.

      • RAH says:

        Pup trailers are generally loaded by other workers and weights of trailers given to drivers so they know which to hook onto first. Pups are most used for LTL and parcel post. Some of the pup trailers have a recessed belly with a ramp in the middle for parcel post loading. In that kind of trailer there is a foot well on each side and lower platforms on outside of the foot wells against the wall. The ramp platform in the middle is for sliding packages in for loading. The loads the pups used for parcel post carry are generally light and that is why you see two axle tractors used to pull them for shorter line hauls. They are also much handier in very constricted places when pulling one pup.

        If you see the rear trailer on a pup combination wondering back and forth like a tail wagging then more than likely the rear trailer is heavier or the same weight as the front one. Use caution when getting around them when you see that.

      • RAH says:

        Rumble strips in slick conditions can save you. They also can help keep you stay on the paved surface when the road surface is covered with snow or there is an extreme visibility problem and you can’t see the lines.

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