President Trump Sends A Shot Across The Bow

It is amazing how much content Donald Trump can pack into 170 characters, which is why the MSM is dead, RINO’s are crushed, and the Democrats are six feet under.

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28 Responses to President Trump Sends A Shot Across The Bow

  1. Come on Trump! Senators are not so short-sited, they’re also planning WWIV, WWV and WWVI!!

  2. Latitude says:

    Trump is amazing….it’s only been one week

    • Rud Istvan says:

      All action, no more talk. Talk about what he would do was before the election. Only action since. Nice brisk business like pace. Shock and awe attack on progressives and MSM. They will soon be running out of mouthfoam and spittle. Just wait til Trump sends the withdrawal notice to UNFCCC and demands the most recent illegal $500 million to GCF back. Just cut UN contribution that much in 2017. Easy peasy.

    • RAH says:

      I beginning to think that Trumps plan is to cause a massive number of CVAs (Strokes) among the leftists. Tomorrow it’s his SCOTUS nominee. The next day it will be something else. Just keep their BP elevated Mr. President. Some of them like Whoopie and Moore and Rosie are probably close to massive Cerebral Vascular Accidents already. And once Soros sees how much money he has wasted and gained nothing for it maybe he’ll get him too.

  3. SxyxS says:

    Now i see why wall street hates him and has sent all their Media-Dogs
    and their remote controlled usefull leftist idiots after him.

    He’d better do the Obama Trick:talking some social justice crap and telling you how great batshit crazy islam is while destroying country after country and sennding jobs to china,and he’ll be loved again by MSN,progessives and the facebook and google owning billionaires and hollywood stars
    who are all secretly buying land in a “western” country which has (coincidently of course :)the lowest rate
    of muslim and black people they pretend to love so much- in New Zealand.

    • Winnipegboy says:

      i just learned something i didn’t know.
      One account (now edited) said that the Quebec Mosque shooting occurred in the “Mens section” of the Mosque.
      Why do the left swoon over muslims again?
      Imaging the horror if you had a men’s section in a church, or pretty much anywhere else. Heck we cant even have our own bathrooms.

      • Gail Combs says:

        We gals can’t have our own showers.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          So? It’s not like we haven’t seen everything already. You are such a reactionary petite-bourgeois prude, Gail. Are you complaining about showers while celebrity members of your revolutionary sisterhood fight for women’s liberation and world peace?

          • Robertv says:

            You wonder how muslim/not western men get the wrong idea of western women.

          • richard verney says:

            Hey, its every girl’s right to grab herself by the pu***

            I wonder where anyone got the idea that that’s what celebrities do.

        • Latitude says:

          It’s all amazing to me…

          We just had the women’s march…which I was told was for women’s rights
          …and now that same group of people are supporting the most oppressive religion toward women on this planet

          For some reason female mutilation, child sex slaves and child marriage, honor killings, burqas and female suppression, and on and on
          ..just doesn’t sound American to me

          How does women’s liberation and Islam fit?

      • Robertv says:

        They have a men’s section in the Vatican.

  4. johninboston says:

    How come Trump gets 170 and I’m stuck with 140? Is that a presidential privilege from Jack at Twitter?

  5. This is the best news since the primaries. El Presidente specifically named as priorities mohammedan suicide-berserkers, people without visas and loopholes through which suicide-berserkers can gain access to These States (like the fence around Los Alamos). I was half-expecting him to follow the mystical agenda and prioritize coercing hippies with plants, bullying pregnant teenagers and stealing the homes and assets of innocent Americans through asset-forfeiture. But no. A change has occurred.
    That and the legalization of electric power too!

  6. Ross says:

    I read where Obama hasn’t stayed out it very long. Even though President Trump is doing the same or similar things on immigrantion to several recent Presidents (including Obama) the big O has come out saying it is all different and he supports the protesters.

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Did some research on the immigration thing. Enabling law has been on books since 1952. 1965 national anti- discrimination immigration addition does not amend prior separate provisions. Progressive media Argument that unconstitutionally targets only Muslims fails on close reading of the actual EO. Does NOT give non-Muslims from those 7 countries a free pass. Says the SoS and SoHS can grant case by case exceptions where there is actual minority religious prosecution. Not the case, for example, in Iraq for Yazidis and Christians. And general constitutional over-reach fails on Jefferson’s narrower (versus Hamilton’s broader) interpretation of Article 2 section 1.1 executive Power clause. Specifically with respect to foreign relations. It was Jefferson who sent old ironsides, the USS Constitution, to deal with the Barbary pirates in 1804. No Congressional pretty please. Just solve the ‘terrorist’ problem of the day by blowing them out of the water figuratively.

  7. TA says:

    McCain and Graham are a couple of publicity-seekers, who are letting their personal animosity towards Trump harm U.S. national security because they are taking every opportunity to undermine him, which undermines the USA.

    McCain supposedly actually sent a person over to Europe to pick up the bogus Russian “golden-shower” dossier and bring it back to the U.S. McCain wants to act like it just happened to fall into his possession and he turned it over to the FBI. Right.

    We probably can’t threaten McCain with defeating him in the next election because he probably won’t run again, but we can sure give him hell if he let’s his personal agenda get in the way of U.S. national security.

    Lyndsay and John should quit running their mouths so much. And that goes for you too, Rubio. Rubio looks like a junior McCain in the making (and that’s not a complement, Marco).

    I’m sure glad Trump is president rather than any one of these three self-serving malcontents. We have 52 Senate votes and we have to worrying about these three idiots going off the reservation at any time. The Democrats can’t stop Trump. These three idiots might.

    • Gail Combs says:

      People are trying to get McCain recalled.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        I’ll be signing that petition. The man is a traitor that has never done anything useful for Arizona or America since taking office. Any respect I had for his service and surviving torture and imprisonment has long vanished. He will support progressivists and Islamists at the drop of a hat. Some that are close to him say he is bats*** crazy and that would not surprise me. He is the poster child for restricting terms of service (add an age cap) in the Senate.

  8. Ross says:

    Acting AG –FIRED.
    Sally Yates should not have expected anything else given the obvious political stance and statement she made.

  9. Gail Combs says:

    ACT OF WAR???

    In a stunning segment on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN broadcast today Mexico’s former foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda, states the Mexican government is willing to counter U.S. President Donald Trump policy by unleashing drug cartels upon the U.S. border…

    Castaneda not only threatens to send drugs, he also threatens to flood the United States will illegal South Americans and openly admits Mexico could stop the border crossings if it wanted to, but instead chooses to use immigration as a weapon against the United States.

    He openly states Mexico should use Central American immigration as a weapon against us [Mexico can use Central-American immigration as bargaining chip with Trump, Univision, December 8, 2016]:

    There has been a surge in Central American immigrants heading for the United States since Donald Trump won the Election in November, according to several initial reports… If this is the case, it is only logical. Trump has vowed to build his wall. It does not matter if Mexico will pay for it or even if the threat is true. It makes perfect sense for anybody hoping to make it to the United States, from Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, to do so before any wall is put up….If they have relatives in the United States, or if they think that their reception will be better with President Barack Obama still in power until January 20, then their decision is perfectly rational.


    Video of Castaneda’s Threat

    Jorge Castaneda was a member of the Mexican Communist Party. In 1988 he advised Vicente Fox during his presidential campaign in 2000.
    After winning the election, Fox appointed Castañeda as his Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Castaneda is still a close advisor to Vincent Fox AND is Professor of Politics and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, New York University.

    If this loudmouth doesn’t represent Mexico, then I expect Mexican leaders to slap him down in a hurry. If not I’ll have to assume they agree with him, thereby confirming what everyone already knew. The Mexican economy is built on drug money and the cartels run Mexico.

    So what happens?

    Another threat…
    Mexican Senator Threatens To Stop Fighting Terrorism If Trump Builds Wall Which is a complete laugh given the Drug Cartels help ISIS cross the border to scope out targets in the USA. (See Judicial Watch — Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets; ISIS Militant Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir Among Them)

    An analysis of recent surveys and research studies places the size of the illegal U.S. drug market at $200 billion to $750 billion per year, with most estimates coming in between $400 billion and $500 billion.

    The vast majority of that amount is coming through the border with Mexico. When you count the cost for the USA of putting and maintaining criminals in prison,( I read it costs about $40,000 per person per year) and the cost of rehabilitation of addicts and the cost of welfare of drug addicts…. The economic costs are probably over a trillion per year. 20 billions for a wall sounds like a peanut compare to this. The last Chinese dynasty fell because of the widespread opium addiction that the British sold to Chinese. Remember the Opium Wars? And the Chinese have hated the English (and Americans) ever since.

    You really can’t make this stuff up folks.

    • Gail Combs says:

      What was Obama’s response to the drugs flowing into the USA?

      “Obama Commutes Life Sentences of Four Mexican Cartel Leaders”
      19 Jan 2017

      Four family members who ran one of the largest cartel smuggling operations in south Texas had their life in prison sentences commuted and will likely be returning to this border city [Roma, TX] from where they ran their criminal empire. One of the main destinations that the criminal organizations delivered drugs to was Chicago, Illinois….

      I lived in Mexico including the border. I used to drink beer with the guys doing the runs at night. They are often escorted by Mex military on expensive loads or VIP illegals. There are places where you can lay in the brush and watch a convoy of 3 4wheel drive trucks slash through the fence area with the black Mex military vehicles…….Drop the loads and run back……..Every night…….The profits are trickle down economics and many are part of the cartels networks…..They are extremely violent and run most prisons in the US…….Like ISIS they will chop you up and yes they have a long reach………..This guy talking was one of them……….Mexico officially is a narco state run by gangs and mafias….They have a very long reach and can cause extreme pain to those against them…So buckle up and get ready………..

      currently they outgun the BP..They own our territory 30 miles in and they own the high ground…Snipers and advanced electronics everywhere as they run loads from up high. You need more than to expose the BP guys to this they need backup of trained military people. Your talkin billions a year here no on will give that up Freddy

      This jives with what I have heard from others.

    • Steve in Missouri says:

      When Pancho Villa was making excursions across the Mexican border in 1916 into the US, General Pershing was sent across the Mexican/American border to capture him and spent about 8 months in Mexico attempting to capture Villa until the US entered WWI, when Pershing was recalled and sent to Europe.
      If there are Mexican elements, such as members of the drug cartels making incursions into the US and Mexico is either unable or unwilling to contain them, it’s not impossible that the US would send another expeditionary force into Mexico to prevent illegal incursions into the US.

  10. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Trump is a leader who may use the budding consensus that the UN is Big Brother in George Orwell’s futuristic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four to withdraw US support for this totalitarian one-world government.

    1. The last two allied atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima & Nagasaki on 6 & 9 AUG 1945.

    2. Stalin’s USSR troops overran and captured the world’s remaining inventory of atomic bombs in Japan’s plant at Konan, Korea, a week or two later, in AUG 1945.

    3. Nations and national academies of sciences were united under the UN on 24 OCT 1945, with Stalin in control.

    4. Although George Orwell was dying of TB, he moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura to start writing Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1946.

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