Researching The Thing Of The Past

Our leading climate experts say that snowfalls ended 17 years ago.

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

My research assistants and I investigated that theory this morning, and came to the conclusion that climate scientists are complete morons.

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  1. Cam says:

    Look at the snowpack in California and much more is on the way this weekend.

  2. frederik wisse says:

    Everything said to serve the cause : To control the destiny of others . Is there any difference with islam ? We should abstain from doing so , not judge what nature gives us , in fact be happy with the time , place and climate given to us . It is foolish to try to subdue others , especially when an absurd cause is the reason for this crazyness.

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    I would like to know if people like David Viner acknowledge any difficulty with their “settled science.”

    The answer is no, and they pretty much shut up until there is some fraudulent Government data release or hot weather story – at which time, they back up their “science” with attempted humiliation. I have seen no deviation from this pattern.

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    The dogs look happy!

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Forgot to post the image …

  6. Robertv says:

    Who is giving them to eat? So what can we expect of the result of their investigation.

    • David A says:

      We have new members in in the Union of concerned Scientists.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions is.”

      “You tell me where a researcher gets his grant and I’ll tell you what his conclusions are.”

      So-called “climate science” has done more damage to real science than Lysenko and Piltdown Man put together.

      • Yaakov Haimovich says:

        100% correct.
        It will take decades to mend the damage.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Moderates and Conservatives have lost ‘faith’ in science compared to 1974. Only Liberals are still gullible enough to believe what is put out. Moderates were the first to ‘get a clue’ they were being lied to and Conservatives followed more gradually.
          Amazing that they try to call this loss of gullibility
          Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere: A Study of Public Trust in the United
          States, 1974 to 2010

          If you trample all over the public trust, don’t be surprise that they no longer trust you.

          This study explores time trends in public trust in science in the United States from 1974 to 2010. More precisely, I test Mooney’s (2005) claim that conservatives in the United States have become increasingly distrustful of science. Using data from the 1974 to 2010 General Social Survey, I examine group differences in trust in science and group-specific change in these attitudes over time. Results show that group differences in trust in science are largely stable over the period, except for respondents identifying as conservative. Conservatives began the period with the highest trust in science, relative to liberals and moderates, and ended the period with the lowest. The patterns for science are also unique when compared to public trust in other secular institutions. Results show enduring differences in trust in science by social class, ethnicity, gender, church attendance, and region. I explore the implications of these findings, specifically, the potential for political divisions to emerge over the cultural authority of science and the social role of experts in the formation of public policy.


          …Data for this analysis come from the General Social Survey (GSS), 1972 to 2010 (Smith et al. 2011). The GSS was administered annually between 1972 and 1994 (except 1979 and 1992) and biannually since 1994…. the final sample includes 30,802 cases.

          Over the 36 years of the GSS, 40.8 percent expressed a “great deal” of confidence in the scientific community, 46.2 percent responded “only some,” and 6.6 percent expressed “hardly any.” In addition, 6.5 percent of respondents chose “don’t know” or “refuse.”

          34 percent of respondents identify as conservative, 39 percent identify as moderate, and 27 percent identify as liberal over this period….

          Conservatives’ trust in science clearly declined over the period: they begin the period with the highest levels of trust and end with the lowest. Liberals ended the period with the highest levels of trust among ideological groups, due to consistently low levels of trust among moderates and a decline among conservatives. In summary, moderates show the lowest levels of trust among ideological groups for most of the period, conservatives close the gap with moderates around the millennium, and a large gap opens up between conservatives and liberals after the 1980s. Overall, Figure 1 offers superficial evidence for the politicization thesis.

  7. pmc47025 says:

    Obviously, your cherry picking research assistants are being paid by Big Oil to sniff out the last remnants of snow.

  8. Pathway says:

    Your research assistants appear to have more intellectual capacity than most climatologists.

  9. Bernal says:

    Tony, Tony, Tony… you just don’t get it! If this was the snows of the past you might have a point. But this snow (and the snow that has paralyzed W Tennessee initiating the subsequent disappearance of bread and milk from grocery stores leading to feasting on French toast the next day) is the Snow of the Consensus or post-normal snow. It is by definition abnormal and further proof of GW, or Wacky Weather, Climate Disruption and so forth.

    You cold bastards! Are you all so blind you cannot see that those doggy smiles are the grim-lipped, stoic smiles of doggy despair, Aurelian in magnitude.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “Are you all so blind you cannot see that those doggy smiles are the grim-lipped, stoic smiles of doggy despair, Aurelian in magnitude.”

      Ha! Nice phrasing! I may steal parts of that… :)

  10. gnome says:

    My video-playing thingo is playing up so I can’t be sure, but it definitely looks like a wind-up key in the shadow of that dog on the snow.

  11. Andy DC says:

    The US is experiencing an unusually widespread coldwave where it has been much below normal from coast to coast and border to border. It got as cold as -26 F this morning in northern California and many stations in Oregon, Idaho and Nevada have been -20 F or colder. Several stations in Idaho have remained below 0, even during daytime, for the last several days.

    Meanwhile a major blizzard is on the way from North Carolina to New England, starting late tonight and continuing Saturday.

    Much of Florida will drop into the 20’s tomorrow night.

    Isn’t global warming wonderful? Of course alarmists will tell you that incredibly widespread cold and snow are entirely consistent with catastrophic warming!

  12. Bill S says:

    I hope you don’t fry me for this?
    But those pups seem to have a much better “tude” than you?

    • AndyG55 says:

      I’ve met TH… he has “tude”, don’t you worry about that. :-)

    • Gail Combs says:

      You haven’t seen “tude” until you have seen “ponitude” as my vet calls it.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Thewell identified ponitude years ago.

      • R2Dtoo says:

        I’ve never seen a mule deer-horse cross before- cool!

        • Gail Combs says:

          It is amazing what those critters can do. I have seen a little Shetland, that didn’t come up to my waist, knock a Standardbred race horse flat with one kick. Sucker could kick well over my head but was gentle enough for a child to show.

          Up until the 1980s the Shetland was used to haul coal out of mines because of the fear of explosions. Pound for pound they are the strongest of the ‘horses’ they also have a really great food to energy conversion ratio. (And yes I am a fan of Shetlands. I have about ten.)

    • RAH says:

      The “tude” probably comes from decades of dealing with morons that swallow what they’ve been told by the press hook, line, and sinker without ever bothering to try and validate it. Then there are the guests that launch factless ad hominem attacks. And there are other things like having been fired from a job because of the opinions and data to back them he posts on this blog. Then there are the bozos that visit a blog and think they have the right to tell the blogger what he/she should post about and how he or she should do it when the logical thing is for them to go elsewhere if they don’t like it.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey RAH! I seem to remember that back when Tony started this blog, he was, generally speaking, more lenient, more apt to attempt reasoned discussion with the bozos. As time went on, he became more brusque, even more rude.

        I don’t blame him.

        Life is short, time is valuable and our productive ability is limited by many outside factors. Tony does this blog as a service, free of charge, and no payment demanded. He should not have to put up with jerks and with those who have not done even the most basic research into the science. He has given huge pieces of his life for something that he feels is valuable. I expect that decades hence, when the history books are written on the peculiar aberration of CAGW, he will be listed as one of the great voices of sanity and of science.

        Thank you, Tony.

        • RAH says:

          I’m here everyday that I can be and have been for several years though I wasn’t here at the beginning. There is another side to this story. Tony is also one of the more lenient of bloggers as far as letting people post what they think as long as they’re not disruptive or continually insulting. Also very lenient when it comes to allowing OT posts and conversations. To my knowledge there have been very few if any posters filtered from this blog.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Yes, Tony is amazingly tolerant. He lets his Pack of Attack Dogs have lots of fun playing with the CAGW bozos.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Ponitude — Comes from decades of dealing with morons and their precious Snowflake Darlings who yank on the bit while kicking and hitting the pony and wondering why the poor critter won’t go…

        Same amount of brains shown in the CAGW bozos as in the morons and their precious Snowflake Darlings. Usually they are the the exact same people too.

        I do not blame Tony for being terse and to the point.

        Unfortunately, as the vendor I have to put up with some amount of idiocy though we have been fired from long standing regular gigs on several occasions for not allowing the precious Snowflake Darlings to abuse my animals.

        The shear stupidity of the general public never ceases to amaze me…. Running UNDER my hitched carriage horse??? TWICE?!?

        (I get even here… HEE Hee hee.)

      • gator69 says:

        The “tude” probably comes from decades of dealing with morons…

        I know that’s where my ‘tude comes from. I spent years patiently explaining and re-explaining basic logic to trolls, thinking thery could be educated and rehabilitated. I was wrong, and they now get no mercy from me.

        • Gail Combs says:

          One of Tony’s Pack of Attack Dogs speaks!

          Happy weekend Gator.

          • AndyG55 says:

            “One of Tony’s Pack of Attack Dogs speaks!”

            Who are the others, Gail, I’d like to meet them :-)

          • Gail Combs says:

            You of course, RAH and Colorado Wellington among others.

            Can’t you see the gnaw marks on Griffy, and Jimmy Boy?

          • RAH says:

            Now this Truck driving attack dog must go waste several hours of his only full day off call during the week to attend the quarterly safety meeting and a safety class that is required as per company policy because of the “warning” ticket I got last month. The fact that I lost about $400.00 already due to losing my quarterly safety bonus due to that “warning” is not enough. I have further penitence to pay. What a waste.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          I am not even sure it’s ‘tude rather than plain ol’ efficiency on Tony’s part.

          Over the decades, I have investigated and tested various Leftist “End Of Something” concepts and beliefs like The War To End War, Never Again, End Of History, End Of Oil, End of GOP, We Are All Socialists Now, etc.

          Living in the People’s Republic of Boulder, we only have to step outside to encounter the latest and most popular End Of Something lunacy but End Of Reason has remained the only theory showing robust longevity for these people.

          If Tony’s research assistants disregarded their nature observations, failed to show scientific rigor and didn’t come to the obvious conclusion that End of Snow is complete bullshit he would have to fire them and get new staff.

          Fortunately, no such thing will be necessary. As suggested above, our pragmatic research assistants should join the Union of Concerned Scientists and improve the average IQ of that organization. Most of them exhibit excellent mental toughness and will be able to deal with the lunatics just like long-time member and The Guardian science commenter Kenji Watts of Chico, CA.

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Climate scientists are not complete morons, but a representative sample of scientists trained to accept Standard Models of reality over the reality revealed by precise measurements, observations & logical analysis.

    To distract humanity from reality and logical analysis are common goals of main-stream news media, consensus science, TV entertainment, gladiator sports and mind-altering drugs, as noted on the blog of investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport:

    • 1saveenergy says:

      we know Climate scientists are not complete morons… there are bits missing.

      regarding “mind-altering drugs”, I hope you’ve stopped taking them, we don’t want you thread bombing again.

  14. John F Hultquist says:

    The Cascade Mtns. of WA have snow.
    Not so much on the east side. We have had some several weeks ago.
    It has been too cold for the air to have much moisture.
    We need a different pattern or patterns — coming late Sat & Sunday.
    By Monday we expect a heat wave, all the way up to 30°F.

  15. RAH says:

    Moving the signs of global warming. Compilation of snow removal engines working to remove snow on the RR. I noticed that every single one of them use the evil fossil fuels. No wind or solar power.

  16. Gail Combs says:

    To add to the silly season…

  17. aeroguy48 says:

    13 in North Texas, brrr

    • Gail Combs says:

      It started very early this morning at 29F. It is now 26F and headed steadily down. OH Joy the fun of dealing with draining hoses in the sleet…

  18. R. Shearer says:

    It was very cold in parts of Boulder Canyon yesterday (-20F) but skiing at Eldora was great with about 3′ of snow within the past week for those dressed to handle the brutal cold (it got up to single digits). Fortunately it was sunny and the winds were tolerable on the East side of the mountain. A warm-up begins today but snow is obviously not just a thing of the past.

  19. Sparks says:

    “My research assistants and I investigated that theory this morning, and came to the conclusion that climate scientists are complete morons.”


  20. stephen says:

    Just how much money is big oil paying you that you can afford such a team of research assistants?

  21. RAH says:

    The Italians sure are seeing a lot of that thing from the past too! Capracotta is 90 miles ESE of Rome.

    I trained with the Italian Special Forces twice during my time in the Army. They told me there are basically two types of Italians. Those that come from where the roofs are more or less flat and those that come from where the roofs are peaked. Capracotta would be one of the places sort of in between. I bet skiing in Tyrol, where the roofs are well peaked, is outstanding this year. My team went through their annual ski training near the Vipitano/Sterzing area about 350 mi north of Rome and the conditions were outstanding except for the avalanche danger in some places.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I just read your comment to Hubby and he said OH NO, it will ruin the spaghetti harvest!

      • Latitude says:


      • RAH says:

        They never said how one tells when the spaghetti is ripe for the picking? And do they have fried green spaghetti? And they didn’t tell me what kind of wine one should have with their home grown freshly picked and sun dried spaghetti! It looked to me like the locals were drinking something out of the dainty expresso or Turkish coffee cups with their meal.

        We had spaghetti in the Italian mess. To be frank I thought if one closed their eyes they wouldn’t know the difference from what we buy off the shelves here but they did have both white and red table wines with it. BTW the best linked sausage I ever ate was in Italy. But perhaps the fact when I ate it I hadn’t had anything to eat for two days and had been humping a rucksack being chased by the Alpinies through the mountains had something to do with that opinion.

  22. Larry says:

    I do believe that there is normal changes over longer periods of time which is part of nature. These have ocurred over past decades many times, some longer than others. Having been in construction over 60 years, i remember many years different from the norm. I do think we are undergoing some changes, but not due to “climate warming” in any fashion.

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